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  1. Yeah, I didn't know if it was super edited or someone who legit looks like that 24/7 without crazy graphic changes, if thats the case then I should be happy with what my dude looks like.
  2. Thanks to the people of the SL community, I went from looking like a basic 70s pornstar to a decent looking avi. I did get a skin and head to make myself look presentable but then I saw pic of this one guy on his profile pic and the dude one upped me in soo many ways haha. (I put a pic of the dude at the bottom of the post) Right now I'm rocking the Letluka head and a legacy athletic body, I'm lookin for clothes at the moment that works with my RP which is being a sexy trainer/coach. I definitely want to change my hair as well as maybe new eyebrows + eyes (Currently using the ones from the HUD) What advice can you guys give that would make me look more like the pic below my avatar? Thank you and sorry for the basic questions I'm trying to look a bit more like this guy
  3. Welp, not gonna lie the inventory and applying ***** and taking things off is a bit overwhelming. Couldn't really find a tutorial that was beginner friendly or maybe I'm just too dense to understand the process of making an avi, wouldn't mind someone with me in game to help me
  4. Whats similar to this body that gets support would you say? Cause I've seen some where they look alright, but not as detailed when it comes to the body abs, muscles etc. Also I'm online now if anyone would be down to come help me out 😏
  5. To be honest the Heracles body loooks dope as hell, would I have to find a matching head for that from another brand or?
  6. Hey guys, I've seen videos on how to make an avatar, but didn't know really where to start out. At first I thought I wanted those mega body builder types, but then found out they're a bit dated and hard to work with. I found this avatar online, mostly lookin for a body type like this where its not steroid muscle body but normal like the picture in the post. What brand am I lookin at and for someone who has basic right out of the gate avi, what order should I be doing my avatar build with so I know how I can shop? For instance, do I get the head first then find the body?
  7. Hi I just started today but have had some experience with SL in the past. Right now I know the body I want is the Dev Leo muscle body, but been needing help with it picking out a head and what not that fits with it. Is there anyone on the forums that would be able to help me in-game if possible? Trying to build my muscle body avatar tonight :}
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