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  1. https://gyazo.com/fe27bdd0b5e3118471a2301cae748c7b TO EVERYONE INCLUDING MYSELF! HOPE THIS HELPS ITS ONLY FIRESTORM THAT SEEMS TO HAVE THE ISSUE THAT I KNOW OF! (Haven't tried the normal SL viewer yet, will repost this if it works or if it doesn't!) UPDATE: (I can't seem to log in on the normal viewer.. not sure why, keeps telling me that my "Log-in is incorrect" UPDATE: (Tried it again on firestorm and it works for me again, not sure about anyone else!)
  2. I have already done that, all it says now is.. And all the TWI works together it wasn't up until recently it started messing up, i've even unboxed and such and started from scratch and done all that i already listed.. i have no clue how to report this to the SL team/staff.. and it ONLY happens when i use voice.. which is odd... Second Life Marketplace - TWI Deer Avatar <---- the avatar, everything worked fine up until one point and i am not sure what happened.. i even removed all my gestures.. etc.. -=======================- TIMBER WILDS INDUSTRIES -=======================- Deer Avatar 1. Updating & Version Info 2. Bugs & Frequently Asked Questions 3. Expressions 4. Actions & Animations 5. Customization & Modding Guide 6. Settings 7. Chat commands 8. Special Thanks 1. UPDATING & VERSION INFO: ----------------------------------------- Wear or rez the included "Update Oreo" to request the latest version of your avatar. Updates may include bug fixes or expanded features! version 1.0 - Released February 20, 2020 version 1.01 - Fixed bug where ear base rim would not change texture when "Ears" marking button is selected. Fixed sound player to not lag quite as much when playing running hoofbeat sounds. Corrected applier kit instructions in development materials box to give proper valid part name list & say which antler# is which. 2. BUGS & POTENTIALLY ASKED QUESTIONS (PAQ): -------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Does this avatar use Bakes-on-Mesh? A: No, mainly because the way I've traditionally done markings is to have a marking "set" intended to be mixed & matched with each other, for example you might place a star on your butt and stripes on your belly and tear marks on your face. To do that with BoM would require a separate wearable for *every* separate marking, which for each of the 10 marking sets would be like 100 wearables to get the same variety of possible combinations. BoM does have the advantage of allowing multiple *overlapping* markings to be worn on top of one another, which is a nice feature as well as being less render cost. So I might do something with BoM in the future, but for now I decided to stick with the scripted system. Q: Attaching things to skull/nose/mouth/eyes/ears sometimes causes them to slide off my head. What gives? A, tl;dr: Alt-Eyes are the only bones that will work for attaching things to the head like a hat (or unrigged antlers) so that it won't move. A+: Unfortunately due to needing more neck bones for a long bendy deer neck, we used the Head bone as the upper-neck, and the Face bone as the actual head. The old skull, nose, mouth, eyes, and ears attachment bones are all connected to the Head (and thus the deer neck). They will thus move and shift as if they were attached to the neck, sadly. The new bento attachment points Alt-Eyes, Alt-Ears, Tongue and Jaw will move with the face (thus actual deer head), but for example Alt-Ears move with the deer ears, Tongue moves with the tongue, Jaw with the jaw. Alt-Eyes are the only bones that will work for attaching things to the head like a hat (or unrigged antlers) so that it won't move. Q: I can't change my specular/shiny color! Why not? A: The marking layer is invisible & white, but still shows specular shiny sometimes. Try turning it off entirely by selecting "Markings" in your customization hud, and setting the Opacity slider to 0 (bottom). That should make the marking layer not render at all, and not interfere with the shiny color of the base body! Q: Why are my legs always crossed? A: Your AO (animation override) is probably turned off. Press the green "on" button on your HUD, or alternatively try cycling off and on by pressing the red "off" button then press "on" again. If you are in a no-script region, try entering a region that allows scripts to turn on your AO Q: I'm floating like 3 feet off the ground help! A: While shape settings are customizable with the Deer, any major changes to Height and/or Body Thickness (and maybe other settings) can alter your 'height off the ground' in SL. We recommend you use the Normal Shape generally, or use the "Hover" setting in edit appearance or some viewers to adjust your height if using a custom shape. Q: I changed texture or color but it seems to have missed a section?! A: Sometimes it can lag, or miss parts, this is usually only on your end, others might see you as just fine (or sometimes other people will see a part wrong & you see it fine). Try applying it again after a few seconds. If it's a custom texture, make sure you configured the applier correctly. Read the instructions & try the example. Q: Why are some parts a different version from the box/avatar version? A: Parts receive individual version numbers when they are updated. The box/avatar receives its own version number when any of the parts are updated. Parts that are not updated keep their old version number. It just helps me remember which parts were updated in the last whole-avatar update, and which are still old. 3. EXPRESSIONS: ----------------------- The Expression HUD (Heads Up Display, the general term for on-screen menus in SL) is the control panel in the top left of your screen. Click the Expression tab to see controls for ear positions, brow/eye states, muzzle states, jaw open-close, tongue states, and tail position. The left & right toggles determine which eye(s), or which ear(s), are affected by the state changes. The Preset Expression panel allows you to change your entire avatar's expressions to a full body theme like "Relaxed" "happy" "angry" "afraid", or set your own custom presets. To set expressions via chat instead of the buttons, you may type commands of the form "/17 <part> [l r] <state>", where <part> is "head", "ear", "brow", "eye", "dilation", "muzzle", "jaw", "tongue", "tail", [l r] is either "l" or "r" to say which side you want to affect, and <state> is the name of the desired state, for example "/17 brow l r angry". If you just type /17 brow angry it will do both. Full list of states & commands is provided in the final section of this notecard. 4. ACTIONS & ANIMATIONS: ------------------------------------- 4.1 AO on/off - The green button turns the Animation Override on, and the red turns it off. 4.2 Animation Panel - Controls for action animations & poses. Many actions have their own dedicated button. Simply press the button to perform that action. Some actions are toggled on/off, like Sit/Lay/Sleep poses or Freeze action, others simply perform once every time you push the button, like Call or Kick. There is an additional Action List panel of extra actions that don't have picture buttons, which can be scrolled if it has multiple pages with the arrow buttons underneath. Names in the list panel behave exactly like the action buttons, and can be looping or temporary actions just the same. 4.3 Temporary expressions - Make the face display a particular expression for a limited time, or for the duration of an action, which will revert back to the previous expression when the action stops. To make a temporary expression happen during an action, enter it into the Actions notecard at the end of an action line. It must each be of the format "temp # command" where # is the number of seconds to keep the temporary expression going (use a high number like 9999 if you want it to last pretty much forever), and command format is same as described in the section of this manual discussing Expressions or the section on Chat Commands. For example, "temp 9999 muzzle smile" will make your muzzle smile for 9999 seconds, or effectively until you move or wake it up by playing another action. "temp 3 muzzle snarl" will make your muzzle snarl for only 3 seconds. Use temp expressions to get the avatar's body and face to look right for different actions, like angry when growling or happy when playing. 4.4 Adding actions - New in this edition is the (optional) "Animation Applier", a box you can click to easily upload new actions to the HUD. The animation applier will send animations & notecards to your hud and reload the hud, so you should be all set with 1 button press without having to do anything else! If you really want to add actions the old way, you still can just drag animation files + their configuration notecard into the hud in edit mode. The animation applier must still be packed with a configured notecard & animations before it can be used, however. The data for each action is contained in a notecard inside the hud root object called "Deer Actions". The first 66 or so actions have buttons & so won't be added to the list panel. Everything past that number will be added to the list panel. To add a new action, make a new line (or modify/replace an old action line) of the format: filename, looping param (0 or 1 or 2), listname, activation-command, HUD-sound, temporary commands For Example: DerpyDance3prancer, 1, Derpy Dance 3, derpy3, NOSOUND, temp 9999 disable ear, temp 9999 disable tongue, temp 9999 disable tail Filename is the animation name in the object inventory. In the example the animation file is named "DerpyDance3prancer". Looping parameter is "0" for an unlooped action, "1" for a full body looping action (turns all other actions off when used, and is togglable), and "2" for a partial-looped (doesn't halt other actions so you can play multiple at once, but is still togglable). The example is "1" because it's a dance that you keep doing until you turn it off. List name is the name that appears on the list panel (the first 66 actions are not displayed in the list panel, because they have buttons). The example name is "Derpy Dance 3". Activation command is the command typed into chat to activate the action (and also the word to put in the button description). The example command is "derpy3", so you would type /17 derpy3 to activate it in chat. To add sound to an action, put the name of the sound file in place of "HUD-sound". Leaving it blank (or typing "NOSOUND" there) makes it not play a sound via the HUD. Another way of getting sounds (actually the better way that most stock actions use) is to use a temp command to send a triggering message to the Sound Player attachment, such as "bark sound" (to get a bark noise to play) or "leaves sound" (to get a looping leaf-eating sound to play). The sound player is more versatile as it allows sounds to loop or come directly from your avatar's mouth, instead of the avatar center. But only so many sound commands exist by default, and so the HUD-sound option is left open to you if you need it. There can be as many additional or temporary expression commands as you want (or as much as script memory allows), each must be separated by comma. These don't have to be temporary commands, really just anything past this point will be said on channel 17 anytime you hit the button so it can be used to trigger whatever you want. These commands are how many stock actions trigger the sound player, for example. If any problems arise (errors or actions don't get loaded properly), make sure the line for that action has all the sections separated by commas. Also try adding blank space between each comma & at the end of the line so it can read each section distinctly. 4.5 Adding buttons - You can add more buttons, so long as they are named a number between 230 and 299, and the button's description field contains the desired action command. Change the number in the first action notecard (where it says "The first xx actions....") to be a higher number if you want to exclude more actions from the Action List. Actions can have an entry on the list AND a button, but it might get confusing. 4.6 More notecards - you don't have to modify the Actions notecard, you can also just create a 2nd one! It must be named "Deer Actions 1" or 2, 3 etc. It will add a number to the end automatically if you try to create a notecard of the same name. Only notecards named "Deer Actions" plus a space and a number will get loaded, but any number will work. Notecards can have any number of actions each, so for example you could have 45 actions in the first notecard, 3 actions in the 2nd notecard, and 97 actions in the 3rd notecard and it would work just fine. 4.7 More scripts - each action script can only process 80 actions. If you have more than this (spread out amongst however many notecards), you'll need another script. Simply drag the "Deer Action HUD Script" to your inventory, and drag it back into the HUD contents to create a copy. Like the notecards, it will append a number to the end like " 1" or " 2", and the number at the end will change the script's behavior, causing each subsequent script to load the next 80 actions. 5. CUSTOMIZATION & MODDING GUIDE: ------------------------------------------------------ 5.1 Customization HUD - Select a body part first and it will be outlined as selected, and then adjust color/texture/etc. of the selected part. The blue named parts are all Markings. You can apply a different Marking to each bodypart, and color it etc. differently from one another. The brown Base Fur part though, covers the entire body and can't be colored by parts (because it would create ugly rigid seams between sections). If you want for example, a blue underbelly but a brown overcoat, try making your Fur Base brown, and apply a Belly Marking that can be tinted blue! There are an assortment of markings that cover a wide variety of possible areas on your body, such as underbelly, topcoat, socks/leggings, fade patterns, and tribal designs. The gray Extras parts are all the bits like nose, tongue, teeth, eye-rim, whiskers, mouth, and hoofs. Glare is a layer on top of Eyes with shiny spots on it, if you prefer just to use specular on the eyeballs themselves you can make the Glare layer invisible by selecting it and then dragging the Opacity slider to zero. Antlers have different textures for each antler type (Whitetail, Mule deer, Fallow deer, Reindeer, and Elk types), but will only show the one you have attached (or was most recently attached if not wearing any). 5.2 Developer materials: are now in a separate "Developer Materials" box in the Extras box. 5.3 Texture applier kit - can be used to apply custom textures to your body, or upload them to the HUD for later application. See the "Developer Materials" box for instructions on how to pack your textures in the applier. Using a texture applier is easy: click Apply to paint your body immediately, or Upload to send the textures to your HUD. To remove a texture added to the hud this way, type "/17 removetexture part #" where part is one of: base, markings, eye, glare, basenormal, basespecular, eyenormal, or eyespecular, (i.e. the set from which to remove a texture), and # is the index of the custom texture you want to remove. For example: /17 removetexture base 1 will remove the 1st custom texture from the base texture list. You cannot remove the stock textures, and the #'s start counting only from the first custom texture. 5.4 Shape tips - Some of the shape sliders in "Edit Appearance" work on the wolf and some don't. You can try experimenting, but I have found that generally, "Body Thickness" affects how long & tall you are, "Height" and "Leg Length" just affect the length of the back legs, "Torso Length" affects waist only, and "Hip Width" and "Shoulders" work as they should making your body wider or narrower. "Arm Length" actually affects arm thickness, and "Hand Size" only affects front feet, sorry. Be sure to take off your body before changing shape, as you sometimes get deformed strangely. If you still seem deformed to others, a relog may fix it. 6. SETTINGS ---------------------------- 6.1 Idle Actions - Turning this on will make your avatar automatically play certain full-body actions periodically while standing still (like looking around, eating grass etc.). 6.2 Idle Twitches - Turning this on will make your avatar do more minimal actions periodically like tail swishing, ear & nose twitching, licking nose with tongue etc. 6.3 Talk Sound - While wearing the "Sound Player" (necessary for all avatar sounds), the avatar will make animal talky noises while typing. 6.4 Talk Animation - Normally the face will animate as if forming words while chatting (i.e. while typing). 6.6 Speed booster - by default your avatar moves at 3 speeds: Walk, Trot, and Run. You will start out walking, and to trot you must double-tap forward, and then to run double tap forward again. To speed down, either double tap back or hold forward & press back. Sometimes the speed mode is laggy & so if you'd like to turn it off you may do so with the toggle button (or chat command /17 speed off) 7. CHAT COMMANDS: ---------------------------- Settings options: /17 speed on|off /17 idle on|off /17 twitchidles on|off /17 jawtalk on|off /17 talksound on|off /17 barktogether on|off (This is an option that when enabled makes you bark whenever someone else barks nearby, as a herd-wide warning system) Expressions: /17 head 1-14 (7 is free look) /17 ear l r forward|relax|side|back /17 ear l " /17 ear r " /17 eye l r 1-7 (1 is wide open, 7 closed) /17 brow l r relax|alert|sad|mean|angry /17 dilation 0.9-1.4 /17 muzzle relax|smile|frown|snarl|crazy /17 tongue rest|blep|down|out|up|lick|lickloop /17 jaw 1-7 (1 is closed, 7 is open) /17 tail 1-6 (1 is down, 6 is raised) Tail movement options: /17 tail swish /17 tail swishonce /17 tail swishslow Stock animated actions: /17 angry /17 angryR /17 bark /17 bow /17 call /17 call2 /17 call3 /17 charge /17 charge2 /17 chew /17 curl /17 curlR /17 dance /17 dance2 /17 death /17 deathR /17 derpy /17 derpy2 /17 derpy3 /17 derpy4 /17 derpy5 /17 eat /17 eat2 /17 eatloop /17 eatloop2 /17 facehoof /17 facehoofR /17 fight /17 fight2 /17 flick /17 flickR /17 freeze /17 freezeR /17 hiss /17 hoof /17 hoofR /17 kick /17 kick2 /17 lay /17 layC /17 layR /17 leggy /17 leggyR /17 lick /17 lickR /17 lickleg /17 licklegR /17 licklegloop /17 licklegloopR /17 look /17 lookC /17 lookR /17 notice /17 noticeR /17 play /17 punch /17 punch2 /17 roll /17 rollR /17 screm /17 sit /17 sleep /17 sleepR /17 sniff /17 sploot /17 stomp /17 stompR /17 swish /17 swish2 /17 swish3 AO/stance commands: /17 run1 /17 run2 /17 run3 /17 stand1 /17 stand2 /17 stand3 /17 stand4 /17 stand5 /17 stand6 /17 stand7 /17 walk1 /17 walk2 Alpha slice hider commands (numbers, part names for example; you can use any # or any part): /17 hide part face (part is what part to hide, face is which face to hide of that part) /17 show part face FOR EXAMPLES: /17 hide all /17 show all /17 hide head -1 (-1 for all faces, or a positive # for a specific face) /17 show frontleg 4 (4 for face #4) You can also use left/right in the command like this, and it doesn't matter where left/right appear it can be before or after the rest: /17 hide left part face /17 show part face right FOR EXAMPLES: /17 hide left backleg -1 /17 show tail 3 right Customization commands (part names just for example purposes, can be any part): /17 color base 1 1 1 1 0.0-1.0 0.0-1.0 0.0-1.0 0.0-1.0 (the 1 1 1 1 is for left, right, front back... put 0's to leave that side out. 0.0-1.0 values are for Red, Green, Blue, Alpha) "base" for Fur Base bodypart, other parts are markings, muzzle, face, brow, undereye, ear, shoulder, haunch, back, belly, upperleg, lowerleg, tail, paw, extras, pads, claws, eye, glare, nose, tongue, teeth, mouth, whiskers.. /17 glow markings 1 1 1 1 0.0-1.0 /17 fullbright extras 1 1 1 1 0-1 /17 alpha eye 1 1 1 1 0-1 Manual texture customization: /17 texture belly 1 1 1 1 uuid (same as color, 1 1 1 1 is for left right front back... put 0's to leave that side out. UUID is the texture uuid you want to apply) FOR EXAMPLE: /17 texture base 1 1 1 1 cb3f5d47-1aee-9f35-d75f-707a2ae93bf3 (textures the fur-base layer of the body) ("base" applies to the base layer of the body, whereas "markings" applies to marking layer on the body, "belly"/"haunch"/"face"/"brow" etc apply to marking layer of the rest of the parts) Texture Application Kit commands: /17 addtexture part name uuid /17 removetexture part index FOR EXAMPLES: /17 addtexture base Whitetail_base cb3f5d47-1aee-9f35-d75f-707a2ae93bf3 /17 addtexture eye Eyes_tex f54a5703-477a-ea33-2a3b-de2118524602 /17 removetexture base 3 (removes the 3rd custom base texture *does not count stock base textures, those are unremovable. The first texture you add to the slot will be #1, etc*) /17 removetexture eye 1 (removes the 1st custom eye texture *does not count stock base textures, those are unremovable. The first texture you add to the slot will be #1, etc*) 8. SPECIAL THANKS: ---------------------------- Shades Tigerauge - for helping produce textures (the Reindeer skin and Tribal markings are hers). You da best! Shades Tigerauge, Bowno Scarbridge, Dagger Evanier, Nihilisticloupe, Raven Seraph, Beauty Appletor, Nakirabi and Metalwolf Nootan - for helping test & find bugs & generally provide moral support. Thank you!
  3. Hello, so I keep having this problem with my avatar's head and I have done EVERYTHING! Right clicked on my avatar and chose reset and then reset/skeleton and animations Gone to Avatar, Avatar Health and chosen everything in the menu at least once (stop avatar animations. revoke permissions, undeform avatar, force appearance update Taken the avatar back to the default female avatar and added everything fresh Had a new head and animation hud delivered, and worn those Added a different shape Added a new body Taken body parts off one by one, and checked to see if any made a difference. No one body part seemed to make a difference Gone to developer menu and looked to see what was running. There is an animation running in my left eye, but I do not know what to do to stop it. Stopped all active gestures. When i search active in inventory, there are no act I've gestures. When I redo everything, the face will look ok initially, but it will deform again after a time, or if I relog. I have never had anything like this happen before, and have done everything I can think of to fix it. So, I would love it if someone could help me with this. Firestorm-Releasex64 - Gwyllgi123456 (gyazo.com)
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