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  1. At the moment no current minimium is avaliable on them that is why people get abandons they just gave away unless they wait for it to get taken. Then they can try rolling again, it seems in the chalet regions if you roll again straight away you get the same house. However, by playing with it on a few different days in which I logged out of the land page, then logged all the way back in I seemed to not hit the same house again. Not sure about other regions I kept getting same crappy thing over and over. Interesting that a mechanism might be in the system but its an unknown quantity unless you do extensive testing on abandonment and recatching over and over with the same avatar which I will do in the coming days.
  2. Depends on how fast you abandon it in which region. I've been playing with abandons in the various regions and realize if you abandon and roll straight away that it will give you the same home back again. Wasting rolls seems to be a built in mechanism to the whole entire system which sadly shouldn't be the case. I hope you have better luck. I'd be happy to help you if you need that pesky house picked up and held for a while so you can get something different.
  3. Needs to be over a week and a random number thrown in to make it an unknown quantity
  4. Opening this topic because it is past time that the second life population has a fair chance at getting a nice home instead of the same few keeping everything for themselves. A. They sell out the so called ''theme' they want to target, which at the moment seems to be Stilts Homes on Land, Stilt Homes on Water, Stilt Homes on Pier, Victorians, & Log Cabins, which is why you haven't been able to find on the landpage in general. B. Handy dandy tool they are all using to figure out what is on the market and what is for sale.! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ti-Land-Survey-HUD/6775289 C. You never seem to see any sort of coastal victorian going because they seem to be passing them around amongst the buddies and so called friendly parties. (thats how they are swapping which is making the theme sell out. You can do that when the theme is sold out then keep refreshing the sold out page so that you can grab the house before anyone else can get it. D. This works for any theme in general except the chalets/campers which seem to never sell out however you can do it when the themes are completely sold out otherwise this is why certain ''peeps'' seem to always roll the best of the best on new regions which has been discussed ad naseum on this forum. She isn't the only one doing this kind of thing, others are doing it as well and you just haven't seemed to grasp the concept that they are present and accounted for. E. So with that said, you can easily swap your linden houses between accounts, you can grab other linden houses, and you can certainly backroll any theme you like once you make a dozen or so pages when you see avaliable ones on the landpage. (Accept one after you know its off the land page and then make a ''SOLD OUT'' page the yellow one! -- F. Always wondered how they are doing it? This is what they are doing and how they are doing it. Hugs!
  5. DUMPING THIS - in 10 mins http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pommade/236/172/33
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