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  1. i mean i think its stupid as hell....doesnt make it any less the law
  2. No but it is accessible within those places as well which means its still under the jurisdictional law as well as the LL owned servers maintained in those places
  3. Petition No 0373/2019 by I.O. (German) on the need to put the content of ‘gacha’ games on the same legal level as those known as ‘loot boxes’ in mobile apps check google
  4. No if the problem were being directly dealt with then the few key people/companies causing the problem would be dealt with directly. This is a blanket they just assume that its all being done and handled in the same way so instead of targeting those actually causing the problem its better just to smack it all down at once, which again can have an outward ripple. Secondly not everyone who gambles is intent on gambling their life savings away, that implies that everyone's gonna be addicted to gambling, which is purely not the case and there is plenty of evidence to show that gambling addicts only make up a small portion of those who gamble. Just because the item is of no use to you doesnt mean you cant sell it, garage sales have existed for a long time in the real world and gacha resells exist within SL, your pretty much reselling something you dont want. or just like in the real world you could simply toss it out. It doesnt mean that item doesnt hold value it just means that item doesnt hold value to you.
  5. My comment wasnt just about SL though it stems from what looks to be a blanket law passed by the EU my guess over companies like EA, and because the law casts such a wide net, instead of targeting the actual problem, it has this trickling effect where it causes more problems than just for the people who caused the problems in the first place. my observation was based on the inherent "risk/reward system" which some deem to actually be fun, gachas can be fun if you view them for what they actually are. youre not putting money in a slot machine and not getting anything back. Despite so many times I've seen the argument that its gambling (and it may very well be), the blanket cast by the EU over EA's "lootcrates" which was in fact an actual form of gambling as the return on a purchase could actually be 0. Where as gachas in SL, (or atleast all the ones I have seen) do not operate on that principle. So with that said you're still getting "some" kind of value on your payment into the gacha machine, Its not always the creator who determines worth. Just because the word "rare" is tacked onto something we all want it because we think it holds some semblance of value instead of "wow thats actually really cool, yeah i want that". So in the long and short of it, when blanket laws are passed instead of going after the source of the problem it does in fact open up the flood gates for more ridiculous blanket laws, instead of actually going after the direct source of these problems and maybe setting the example for future changes instead of trying to smother it all to death.
  6. God i dont wish for any of that but seriously.....all the blanket laws...and just one bad decision after another by politicians and the general populace at what point does it end....
  7. I mean if people enjoy playing them and they arent overly scammy which a good number arent, why should everyone suffer because people have a varying opinions? by this logic they should ban, anything thats fattening, cars, bikes, video games, music....potentially anything that may be harmful to someones dissenting opinion
  8. BOYCOTT EA!!! and yeah destiny 2 was tame by comparison
  9. its not LL its the law makers in the EU and that dumbass company electronic arts
  10. Man just found the blanket law from the EU.....politicians are friggin morons......
  11. EA is to blame for this....ea is to blame for everything.....boycott electronic arts today XD
  12. Look if this is based on the lootcrate scandal then shame on you, the differences as slight as they are are still night and day between gachas, gachas are more like the sticker machine or the gumball machine, and anyone arguing that fact needs to look at the facts. I saw earlier that someone states that gumball machines don't use basically a random number generator based on rarity which is simply not the case, gumball machines just happen to use a very primitive version of this. the rarity on the items inside the gumball machine is varied by how many of each type of item exists within. As the mechanism inside the gumball machine it jumbles up the little plastic eggs further creating a sense of random ness and variance while the ones at the top sometimes the more rare ones don't move. At least with a gacha machine its purely random based on odds and RNG. Again you also know what you have a chance of getting based on the image. Where as lootcrate you had gotten items based on a category or theme and the variance in objects content and count was much wider as apposed to a gumball or gacha machine. So why not ban pre sales on well pretty much anything not limited to but including video games? I mean we know game companies half the time cant be trusted, so why is this practice allowed to continue? Your still ordering something based on a theme or a category in this case it just happens to be an RPG, or FPS, or survival game. you still dont know the contents of said game. you are in fact taking a gamble that the company gave you something good and not garbage. but as with gachas isn't good vs garbage only relative to the person playing?
  13. there is actually plenty of study to show that most of those claw games are rigged like carnival games, thus it removes the "skill" and replaces it with luck
  14. Breedables will now be banned as they violate this policy as well XD
  15. or ya know...you look for resellers on MP or in world...where odds are youll find it for cheaper anyways....people play gachas because its FUN....
  16. i totally agree with you about the breedables thing
  17. then why arent the claw machines or sticker machines outside of grocery stores and what not regulated as gambling?
  18. well then we should all ban, breedables, sploders, any of the fishing games where you have to buy worms, because its all based on chance that you may or may not make a profit in return ergo if you breed horses but your not getting the value of those original horses after food and all the stuff thats required to maintain them, then its technically chance. sploders should be banned simply because its more gambling.
  19. explain how this is identical to the lottery?
  20. claims it violates their "games of chance" so my guess more internal than anything
  21. I mean....LL gets that money regardless of gachas....i mean breedables act on the same principle.....
  22. I now want to see a world wide ban on those claw machines....i mean most of those have been proven to be rigged
  23. lmao LL doesnt get paid for gacha machines....they get paid for the mesh and texture uploads and thats where it ends so unless a reseller is putting it on the MP
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