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  1. What skin applier do you use after adding the neck extension
  2. Hello, I don't know if this issue has been discussed here before (otherwise just give me the link to it and I'll delete this post) but here it is : I bought the Avatar 2.0 and the M3 venus anime head, each one works just fine separately, the issue is when I try to put them together a "discontinuity" appears, the border between the M3 head's bottom and the neck's top stays obvious no matter what (as you can see on the picture), so I contacted the creator, and they sent me a neck extension (which didn't came with the the Avatar 2.0 pack), but the problem persists, further more, the neck extender seem to have different textures, so even if I use the hud to change it I can always see a difference between the head, the body and the neck. Another issue, is when my leans its head to the side, the heads bottom appears. What I want to do is simply make this border line between the head and the neck disappear, and to make that head bottom stop showing out every time my avi leans its head to the side, is it possible ? thanks in advance for all your answers (And if there is a youtube video like the one with the Maitreya body issue, do not hesitate to send me the link please)
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