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  1. If I were to want a sort of minigame, is it possible to have something in way of, touch A and later B in order to unlock C, say make a "minigame," where one could have a timer to find an object (or more) to unlock a door, is that hard to do? Does this already exist in some form on the marketplace? Just asking since I am frankly terrible at scripting nor do I really understand how it fully works.
  2. Thanks for the response. I created a ticket for it, no conformation appears as it simply states.
  3. Any review can be deemed off topic. Every review is subject to being removed the moment a seller reports it and it almost always is. That's what it's about, if I state many reasons why this item listed isn't as it was told to, sold as to be, or missing from the folder purchased, they can simply use "off topic," because of let's say my opinion slipped in at the end: After a fair and objective review that is wholly reasonable. This is something that happens often; not just to me. Edit: Would you happen to know why I can't delete a review on a given item? And thx for the info :))
  4. There is a button underneath reviews where you can leave replies to that specific review, I think only those who have bought or the seller themselves can reply, I get what you mean but that's a limited way of reply and many merchants will im the person; as has happened to me many times. It's not the "fact checking," that maybe X/twitter has, where a big pop up says, "this person is false," that could be a better way, actually showcasing the sellers reply, not just hidden in a box. I'm very much for a change in reviews and stars, it's very simple and easy in my mind to be abused by different parties, for trolling, gaming the system to get a bigger reach, and simply having your friends do you a favor.
  5. Some stores do this to bump up reviews, get 100L sent to you if you leave a "good," review. Fair. More so meant that if you buy something you should be able to leave a review on that product, negative or good, if it goes one way it should apply to the other.
  6. English isn't my main language, hundreds to me simply means over a hundred and being hyperbolic is apparently hard. Even if I'd given a thousand reviews your point to me is just as ignorant as being picky on this point, your belief is a terrible opinion if you're blindly trusting of a system that's clearly faulty, even if you do not believe me, many can attest to having had their reviews taken down, if your reply is as I've showcased in other responses, to demean and state that I'm 100% in the wrong and I'm breaking TOS, on every one of my reviews. Then do yourself a favor and kindly rethink, if you do actually see anyone in a bad light the moment they're speaking up or has a concern, that's just a tiny bit sad to me. if a product doesn't come with the given items and I write, "I didn't get what was stated," the seller un-lists and lists, now I have no way of reviewing. Same thing again, if the seller then simply says I am breaking TOS in that review, instantly deleted and next person comes along and buys, has the same issue yet nothing can be done, since we're in the wrong? I surely hope you have a bit more faith in people other than get upset when challenged on a stance. - I've posted many, many 5 star reviews. I mentioned the same person who had my 2 star taken down had several other products I'd bought, where in I'd put up 5 stars being very happy and writing about the quality. How is it that the 5 stars stay up when I'm the one writing them, if every time I'm as obnoxiously terrible at writing my reviews. How are you remotely being helpful, if you don't believe it happens then state that and be done. Picky, what's that meme with the, "acchually-" And yes, weird that you don't see them contested if they're taken down, what is your point or actual complaint other than trying to nitpick at something I've either answered prior. You don't believe me, then why do you care? Because you're a seller and haven't had this experience, okay?
  7. It's almost as if it's a review and it adds and removes stars based on the average amount of them given out to any given item on the MP. The amount of items with 0 reviews surely doesn't help, I've said this over and over now but, anyone should be able to leave a review, if I can state my outmost love for anything I've bought and it's purely, "I love this product." No more and nothing else, then I anyone should equally be able to leave a review stating the opposite. I want people to be able to feel free to leave a 1 star where they give a clear idea of what I'm about to buy, but that's not happening. I've seen lots of reviews in-where people add a 1 star for quick and fast help. But I've also gotten items where the actual object to rez and recive from had been forgotten and the creator is barely on, so leaving a 1 star to warn others until the seller comes on is key to being helpful to the community in SL, which is something I dearly want more of, to help consumers get a good review prior to buying, that's what I feel a review system should be. Just recently I bought a set of bushes without the actual bushes being in the folder I'd bought, the seller came back to me in a few days and was kind and of course fixed the issue. I think you as many have this one mind when it comes to reviews, anything under 4 is unacceptable and very cruel to the creator. If I message someone who's a seller and I tell them why the product isn't working as intended, 9 out of 10 they become mad and take zero criticism and choose to ignore, mock, be hateful, if you want people to start fights, messaging someone randomly as to why the thing they put hard work into directly would surely bring that fight. I'm not really into confrontations and I enjoy being able to put a simple review that helps others on the MP. It's clear others just wants to be not helpful yet claim to be by leaving 5 stars, no real reasoning for it and never be questioned- Yet me and many others leaving a proper review with 2-4 stars get hounded for not ticking it up. If someone can't handle the review system as a seller on MP they could make an only in world store, free of reviews
  8. I do want to say this' they may be right in that it's happened falsely to his store, just because the TOS of LL are stated there, what does it mean? Someone can just put in the extra info and lie, what's it to them. I'm intrigued by this believe in no one because LL has rules, people surely break rules even then...
  9. Really? That's beyond terrible to have your own creations pulled off MP just because someone think it's either funny or some sort of petty revenge...
  10. That would mean someone willingly spent money to grief another person, why?
  11. With all due respect, any review should be fine to post if there's money spent and reason for it; why add a review button? As well as that, by your own reasoning then... Is any review that is 5 stars and lack any real reason given for the love, would that be a waste of a read and an unhelpful review, or are 5 star reviews simply protected from being incorrect or false? Where someone says, as I did say in my previous answer- "I love this product," that's really not being critical nor stating any sort of reasoning for the max stars and love of said product. One could therefor also be sure to get the opposite type of reviews' not everyone are eloquent keyboard warriors nor may their main language be English. I wrote a short objective review, he didn't like it. Nothing to it. Seeing as he most likely blocked me on asking about the review hearing my response, clearly he wasn't going to "fix," any of my concerns as the slightest criticism had him fairly upset. The reason for reviews in a lot of peoples minds aren't to get a quick refund or angrily get back at the creators' it's to tell other consumers and showcase the good and bad, people take it way too seriously, and that's why it's a system that doesn't work.
  12. If you buy thousands of items, and spend a lot of time in SL, why is there an issue with that seemingly small amount. I'm spending money, there's a button that says review, I'm very understanding that people may find writing a review harsh but wholly, 100 reviews are less than 5% of all items I own; if even. A low star review is anything under 4. I am not claiming they're automatically removed, now you're confusing me. Did your merchant friend report your review, unsure as to why a low star review would magically go away.
  13. Sincerely, just because you see your own opinions above someone else's and deem anything that isn't "likely," as false or impossible, now that I am a liar and anything I've said is false, if this is how you go through life I wish you so much joy Hundreds of reviews through a different types of stores have been gone within a day, now you'll go ahead and say, "You're just a bad person and this is proof all your reviews must be breaking TOS-" My point again is very simple, you choose to overlook the facts because they break your limited knowledge and now you're projecting, please just go ahead and think as you wish and be done, you've said yours and it's clearly not an opinion that will change. - However, you overlooked a lot. Facts in this instance that made me make this post- I did a review, the merchant approached me, I repeated myself to the merchant who asked about what I'd written, he instantly got angry and remarked I'd never be a customer of his again. My 2 star review was deleted and my 5 star review was kept up, so in a way my opinions only matter if they're in his favor. - Review was gone within the hour; as has happened many times before. The whole ---> I am terrible sorry that I'm not writing about all my good experiences with every merchant I've been in contact with, there's many and I've met so many great creators in SL, but writing a post like that wasn't on my mind, you're just proving the, "nothing can be bad," attitude from me stating what occurred and has in the past. So yes, if this seems unlikely to you then so be it? It happened, I'm not going to name drop a store to prove you wrong. Have a good day.
  14. I wish they're weren't I'd love to know a bit more about items before buying, some things on MP aren't available in demos and the merchant may not have an in world store or other showcasing their products; hence having a review stating facts of the product would be lovely imo. But yes, get a demo whenever possible!
  15. Never said I was one and don't see the point in bringing it up? Does my opinion only matter if I myself make items and sell them? I have literally no say and that's how you feel? I've sold things on the marketplace and gotten reviews myself, does that now mean we're equal? Or have you as you said spent literally 15 years of your SL lifetime on the MP being a merchant, I've bought thousands of items, I've made many reviews, this was a breaking point. This is false and it's beyond blindly trusting. Also, "Demos and in world stores are your best friend." If you've been a merchant I'm sure you'd know that not everyone can afford to own land where there demos are, nor can they have a demo made for every of their product, be it time limitations or simply don't want to bother. You're after-all a pro and I'm a nobody good merchant. My complaint is clear, abusing a system in your favor whilst my fair and honest review is taken down. I encourage you to think from both perspective and not be "you're wrong and we can all see through you," which is laughable and also a bit disheartening. You genuinely think I put up, - "I liked it because of x reason, however it's doing this and that' which makes it not function as it should." - I quickly made this up on the original post, and... - you think this would've broken the terms of service, oh-please, And if I was hateful or had fibers of malice in me I'd be brining names to this thread and showing off what happened, with the threatening messages I've gotten from merchants, but that would involve a lot of breaking TOS, as well as starting drama, maybe you enjoy that sort of entertainment but I don't, I simply said what I had on my mind and you seem to feel it's me "in the wrong crying."
  16. Not to sound mean but, wholly from muh heart, not everyone here have the best intentions. I get people like to think the best of all people and that LL doesn't act on a complaint from a seller, but in saying this all my reviews that are based on facts' objective as well as perception are wrong on my end, to state actual facts and have it be declined because it's any of the 7 points, yet none of them at the same time? Am I simply a liar, as would many others be who've gotten the same treatment, a perfectly fine review shouldn't be removed when it's not gone against the TOS. - Though, correct about lots, many sellers abuse this system as they can say "off topic," or other and instantly have reviews removed. The reviews that are bad and stay up are 100% because the seller isn't some jerk who cares about a terrible opinionated person. There's a lot of products with several hundreds of 5 star reviews, but no less than that, since they're being monitored and report anything that's not in their favor. Whilst again, the seller can message anyone and and tell all sorts of threats and have that complaint never be treated seriously by LL, your review is gone within the day.
  17. They can, they make a complaint about the specific review being "hateful," or other and wrongful and then poof goes that one review and the 5 stars one remain; of course. If I wrote that this item has all of these issues and then mentioned nothing hateful or mean towards the creator, being objective and asserting what I've seen and experienced with the item, that shouldn't mean LL suddenly goes to delete it, these bad sellers are abusing a system that is in their favor, simple as, I can see your point but again, this happens and my reviews as with other peoples, aren't so darn mean that LL would personally without being asked by a creator through a complaint have them gone within hours.
  18. Yes, and there's been many occasions where I found items not to be as advertised or the textures being a huge problem. Where I said "dislike," was in context to him personally asking me why I'd written my review in where I then told him what I'd found unsatisfactory. I feel even if it's a "dislike or like," if I can give a 5 star review stating I LOVE THIS PRODUCT, I can also do one where I say the opposite. If it's my opinion then people can overlook that review, if all one wants to see are 5 star reviews then go ahead. In this case I'd written a short simple review what I found troubling with the item, he didn't like it.
  19. Sorry to hear, that's happened a few times too, "fits these sizes," yet you get none of the listed sizes. This! Very much true. It nonetheless sucks when you can't provide this information about a merchant who's not exactly truthful in their practices to others, they'll buy and be just as disappointed, and the merchants gets away with it : ) Really dumb.
  20. Over my light time spent in SL, 6 years' and a few months. I've never understood the marketplace reviews, if it's anything under 4' there's instant animosity and you find your perfectly reasonable review removed, the creator sending you threats as well as their friends hounding you for even daring to say what you've experienced/perceived, with the object you've bought. "I liked it because of x reason, however it's doing this and that' which makes it not function as it should." Example of something simple - However if it's not a 4 or 5 you'll find it gone within a day. Breaking point. Recently I bought an item and I didn't enjoy it, I wrote simply what was the issues and why someone might be mindful of buying this object, I was reached out to a few hours later by the creator, me thinking he'd be nice as it seemed as such from the start, even thinking to remove the review, or edit it in his favor, yet on asserting why I disliked the item on being asked he began with aggression. Obviously he removed my 2 star review, but keeps my 5 star reviews up on his other products, which is hilarious- If you don't value my review that is low why keep my high regards up? One could go into, "low self esteem," but I am no about to make this personal and not name and shame, this is a problem with many, many creators. A bad review doesn't mean your income will drop by several thousands, if you fear this then maybe taking some criticism from your actual "fans," frequent shoppers' as I am to this creator, is a good way of keeping the same quality? So yes, there are some creators who contact you in a forceful manner after having received a bad, perfectly reasonable review on one of their items. Which is beyond me, that in SL, Linde Labs are standing with this bullying and accepting the removal of reviews within something like hours, whilst the actual manipulating and threats made by creators, and their marketing ill practices are overlooked. It's simply insane to me... The fact that real complaints with trolling on sims as well as questionable content or other, are very slowly handled, priorities shouldn't be on censoring consumers and keeping bad people unchallenged, it's crazy. I've had moments where I am forced a refund and told to post screenshots where I delete items from my inventory, of which I scoffed at, but the audacity to make that demand simply because of criticism. Or a review of mine is removed as well as the object, meaning the creator unlisted and listed the same items again, but they do this and LL' simply stop caring about some1 putting up and taking down, as well as that you lose out on something you've bought, I mean you have a receipt and everything yet LL just kind of ignores the facts and sides 100% with creators, I get it- They make the money go around but wow, makes me very frustrated. There are some stores I'd love to name and shame, the worst of the worst I've come in contact with, but I simply don't wanna start that kind of drama.
  21. Let's say there'd be a way to see someone's ping, and weirdly two accounts match perfectly' comparative to the others in a sim that are all over the place, that'd be a way of at the very least deducting; not fool proof. I don't think what you're asking though is plausible. What is plausible however. Simulations crashing/log outs, way of speech, profile, age of said profile, proximity and shared interests in sims' you might even have some1's alts as friends not knowing as they're very much into the same things as you' and their main. There's many easier ways to finding out of some1 has an alt or which is which' I'd def say this person is merely acting cool or heard from a "friend," and simply relaying false info. There are ways for sim owners to spy on visitors, but it is in no way as intrusive as obtaining your IP, if you are banned on 1 account from a sim, I don't remember if it's also an IP ping, I believe not but can be wrong. That'd be the only way in that manner of "getting a ping," or if you're a hacker then I guess anything goes.
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