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  1. I wanted to buy some lindens today but it's not working, is it just me or is there anyone having this issue?
  2. I'm looking for a job as a model, i'm 2 months old but i learn quick ! I have the legacy classic body (also the ebody curvy) and the lelutka lilly head i'm also baked on mesh ! You can IM me inworld for more information. - lilianarobins
  3. Hey my name is Liliana Robins and i just saw you'r advertisement that you are looking for a model in sl ! I would love to have the opportunity to work as a model, i am 30 days old but i learn really quick . I have a mesh body(ebody curvy) and head (lelutka lilly) i've put alot of effort and real money to look good. If you are still looking and interested to know me i am open to have an interview or you can IM me inworld : lilianarobins
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