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  1. H! Incidentally, I can't really do much on SL for now, and guess it will be due to the extra amount of people online at home due to the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions here in ''UK'' as i am always just a puff of smoke for now (I know, it is not recommended to use an android phone tethered to PC, nor wifi, but it has not been an issue until the latest lockdown restrictions kicked in. So will expect that to improve once the restrictions relax and peolle get out and about and leave me alone to stay indoors online! lol! (only just now noticed my profile says i joined in 2020... untrue, i joined
  2. I use both SL stock viewer, and swap to Singularity. And yes, indeed, i am aware to look in ''reciaved'' folder. I still have not recaived much of those orders as yet either. In fact, just off the top of my head, although don't expect this to be accurate, it feels as though less than half of what i paid for actually has ever shown up in the pst four months, and I am coming to the coclusion, that with this issue, and other tech issues too, that SL hasn't really come up to date with any other online game/VR/virtual world experience, and i am hearing stuff which takes me back to the late 90's a
  3. Acknowledged about ''busy'' mode, although so far as i am aware, i never set my avatar to busy/away from keyboard etc. And with regards the eyeballs, i think you've missed my point. The original stock eyeballs won't dissapear, when i use my cutom skin BOM eyes, so the avatar always looks very odd. And does not seem to be any form of alpha in the pack the skin kit came with to help. I had no issue with either sets of eyes being 3-D as i thought, correctly, that was the whole point of any of eyeballs.
  4. I thought this worth ''bumping up'' since it is an ongoing issue, and with the two excellent suggestions, and with so many folk stuck at home due to Covid-19 lockdown, it's bound to be needed info i guess. However, Wifi not recommended? That counts out most internet users then. And seems too much very old-school internet too. So many other online complicated services and entertainments can cope with wifi, and even phone tethering, that it is a little odd SL cannot yet cope with modern online life in that respect. Although my technical depth of knowledge, though good, is not so deep. I m
  5. So, a shoddy means of the whole system keeping systems in place or not to keep things people are spending real money on ipdated and fit for purpose? And that's, what, around two decades of SL? Yikes. Well, after returning to use my avatar from around 5yr break, i can honestly say i've started tiring really quickly. I'm spending more time struggling with glitches, crippling lag, poor frame rates, movement controls which just go berzerk too often, clothing and bodies/shapesfaces that need an encyclopedia, and a market that cannot tell if a seller is even a member any more yet take
  6. Indeedly-do! Yes, all of the no-show items say purchsed and delivered. And as mentioned, re-deliver doing nothing.
  7. Golly gosh! So more trudging to do. Will have a look-see after this enjoyable chill time. Thanks for that.
  8. They are visible in inventory/worn. But any potentially useful menu cmd is greyed-out/inactive. And double-click doing nothing. Incidentally, many, or a majority of items i purchsed just under a month ago have yet to appear in my recieved folder, being the initial body of my topic. Still not getting answers or solutions. And clicking "redeliver'' hasn't helped.
  9. OH, hold on! They (in inventory) have a little pair of eye icans, not a cube. But when i zoom into the head i see they are 3-D. And right click does not offer detach. Nor does double-click detatch them. And slightly above them are the eyes which from the BoM set i am otherwise wearing. Am at a loss.
  10. Noted. However. It is a set of mesh/spherical eyes that is the problem. No apparent means of detatching. Right-click menu on object/cube shows no detatch link. And i can't find any other route to achieve this. I will have a look-see within the skin/head folders for relevant alphas and muck around. Nice clarity there. Thank you.
  11. And a "yes" to the previous reply, and have the head also. First attempt was only a floating head with a scary red face and normal flesh colour around the eyes. Now i have the "Lily" face on and the body has appeared. HUD appears to make no noticable difference at all that I've noticed yet. And got the hang of shaping the head/face via "appearance'' much better now. However, i cannot for the life of me figure out how to remove the custom eyes I'd added a while back. So now looks as though a failed visual effect is taking place as 'she' has her 'own' eyes, plus, a few mm out of place,
  12. AHHHH! Turns out i need to look for a ''head''! So apparently mine above was built for a ''baby face'' head. SO I'm guessing that's where i might find further customizing things? In GBP its £7 and some! YOUCH! SO maybe after New year.
  13. and, yes, it also has ''(Genus)'' at end of item ititle. so? What might this mean? So, i open box, inside is body shape, eyebrow on/off shapes, and the one that gives me the HUD SO, with it saying Genus? |What will that mean for actually applying? And what other items/depenencies/etc are needed to complete an appearance of a 'skin' in this way? We are told the different terms, and what they mean in the link to explain them. But that's really as far as it goes. Pamplet level, rather than actual tutotial. But was still helpful in helping visualise the concepts. Just not at telling us
  14. Hi Lindal. Thank you for the patient detail there. Yes I'd noticed various styles of how you are presented with 'skins'. And yes, I'd figured it was ''HUD''... And, since all the ''HUD'' does is appear itself,... and here it comes.... HOW do i get it to do that thing you say there? What am I missing when i click ''add'' so that little settings rectangle comes up, but nothing seems to happen beyond that thing loading. Nothing else. No apparance of skin, how it is meant to be done... SO what is the process for making this happen? And if it won't happen, what can be the reasons?
  15. Those items... well, at least SOME of them came through. However, since 9 Dec 2020, all items have stopped coming through. Nothing i try seems to work. very difficult to contact seller/creators who have no obvious means of inboxing or otherwise asking for asistance. redelivery button gets me an email notification, but no items yet appearing. And that's quite a little bit of GBP that's been spent already, and very very little to show for it at all.
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