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  1. u found noine of the advice had any relation tpo the issue. whether updation or clean instal YOU STILL GET SAME ERROR! how i solved it was this way: originally my avatar/user name was garaouelle Giha, and i got the error when using this user namje. as soon as i made the firt name, garaouelle, with first letter as upper-case to Garaouelle, then it now let's me in. WHY COULDN'T SL HAVE USED A MORE RELEVANT AND INFORMATIVE ERROR MESSGE THAT HAD ANY BEARING UPON THE REALITY OF THE SIT6UATION. i'm getting very tired of SL now as i can run other open worlds on my android phone much better than SL has ever worked on a PC.
  2. I may be interested in adult club dj'ing. However, would I simply be expected to play straight forward rock/pop? Personally I am sick of turning up at clubs in sl and hearing tired cheesey Rock and pop. So, it would be refreshing for me to drop the cheese, and allow it to get strange, sensual, occasionally weird, drift between rhythmic to flowing, and drift between various eras. I also have some modern digital audio production equipment designed for live situations, which I'll be ready to roll with in the next few months as I warm up to the new laptop to plug it into to broadcast it. I also use tractor 2 pro dj suite, the industry standard digital decks road tested by internationally ranked sjs like Ritchie Hawtin (plastikman). I would enjoy working in an environment where not only are folk letting go of their clothes, but letting go mentally, musically, and creatively. I tend to be active in interacting live with patrons, although rarely use voice. However, that may change. Thanks for "listening", Garaouelle Gigs.
  3. it seems, just like myself, you are getting nowhere with this query. and many of the replies require you to load SL which is dumb, because, i reckon you wont get past the viewer initialising, and get that error notice before it stops loading at all saying your graphics and system requirments are no longer good enough? yes, the advice onthis issue all round is very poor and very shoddy, especially if the folk replying with apparent help dont get it that you CAN NO LONGER LOAD SECONDLIFE AT ALL. yes? well,has anyone a "SOLVE" for this yet?
  4. this isnt always possible for many drivers as the makers websites often do not hgost files, although they will generally have links to those that do.
  5. this answer is rather pointless. firstly the problem bing discussed is that SECONDLIFEW WONT LOAD because there is a graphics driver issue preventing it from doing so. apparently. so how can those instruction be AT ALL followed? secendlyt, the normal way to get system inforemation is simply to: click "start" then RIGHT CLICK on "computer" look to the bottom of the menu that pops up then click "properties. and BING!!!! you have system info
  6. i've been trying to find info in installing SL on ubuntu (using ubuntu 14.02 lts) and am suprized how little info there seems to be in the forums, in fact i cant see a tech forum on here at all./ however i tried the above suggestion with the official linux viewer from SL website and here is what it says when u put the .sh into terminal: <<You are not running as a privileged user, so you will only be able to install the Second Life Viewer in your home directory. If you would like to install the Second Life Viewer system-wide, please run this script as the root user, or with the 'sudo' command. Proceed with the installation? [Y/N]: y - Installing to /home/paul/.secondlife-install bash: /home/paul/.secondlife-install/etc/refresh_desktop_app_entry.sh: No such file or directory>> i havnt a clue what that means,and dont understand why i havnt the above priveliges as admin. but then i am a newbie at full ubuntu installation. i would love to see SL run in a linux platform as i find, generally,things run like a real treat with it.
  7. am googling for decent answer for this issue and cvant find one short of simply rebooting/restarting your pc opr laptop. programs failing to "kill" seems to be a particualry windows 7 and vaista issue. that is, where task manager wont terminate programs. also a suggested programs downloadable from windows microsoft site, claims to help, ( see: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx ) but in the case of a "hung" secondlife3 viewer, nonthing on this device will help. almost all advice anywhere simply amounted to variations on doing what you would try with your windowsd task manager anyhow. whixh WONT WORK, which is the whole point of this thread. so no useful answers above and beyonf REBOOT or RESRTART, with possible re-install of SL viewer 3.
  8. incidently, i just tried to uninstal via revo uninstaller. and now the secondlife uninstaller is ALSO frozen! ho hum.
  9. found lucs' answer most unsatisfying as it didnt deal with dirtectly what to do. that is, how to close the unresponsive program. i am having almost iderntical issue to the opriginal question. sistuation is this as i type. secondlife viewer 3, while loading as skin froze, and will not cose, it has been in this state for over an hour now, and task manager not helping in either ending tree, or dsimply ending process. i cant close as i have otrher important tasks running. so, yes, maybe various things can be checked to maker sure they are up to date, and hardware may be replaced, BUT HOW DO I CLOSE THE FROZEN PRGRAM NOW?
  10. i recently bought a new skin. all good, i wear it, it looks great. however i edited a new shape to go with the sking. and spent A LOT OF TIME doing so. as perfect as could be. i then "saved as", however as soon as i finish and close the editor, my shape reverts to the previous settings! i have relogged, and tried various thing, ever reloaded the shape, but the new edits wont apear! even though i can see in my inventory that they are being "worn". what is wrong?
  11. hi! just a thought! i the past week or two i have had no choice but to use an inferior connection speed, so certain SL functions are fairly disabled, which isnt so bad if i is audio streams as i can put my own music on, hwoever, some things are impossibe. now as i is a connection issue, it isnt for SL to do anything about for me.. until they get it working for phones in which case lower connection speeds woudltn matter, i guess? anyway.. featrues that do matter when you have a low speed and are dissabled are setting groups tag,. and loading groups or own profile, and anything similar to this. if you cant get into your group profiles, then you cant set your group tag, and cant take advantage of your groups. you cant initiate an IM window, BUT other folk can you and you can converse ok. as long as u dont have to begin by openeing the windo to chat to them. low speeds dont let me do that. my query is WHY cant you also set my geroup tags in my secondlife website dashboard? and why cant i message my SL friends from there? does any one think thsi would be useful? there are a few more things i feel that may be useful for when any one has connection issues, and would be useful to access from their secondlife website dashboard. but those are the ones that are bugging me just now. thanx all! and hope this was maybe helpful or something useful to anyone, garaouelle GIha
  12. i am having this issue! not enough info. and though answers here are helpful to an extent , much is still not snwered. i ordered, and (paying by L$'s) and L$'s taken from my SL account, and nothing at all has appeared, also, i got none of these apparent accept, but things to click, (apart from all thje things to do on the market place cart page when buying... there are no decent instructions to make sure you have actually complted the whole thing properly, and what about the purchase reciept things to send ina ticket/report? how do you find these proofs of purchase? again no way to figure yourself without any clear and (actually i dont see any instruction at all) and am left feeling like an idiot here. NOTHING has appeared in my "recent", i agree with bully simpson! absolutly no direction! very shoddy.
  13. hi! i use the latest SL viewer (since around 11th feb 2012), although i have this issue anyhow. now normally using a mobile broadband stick to connect isnt a problem until i get ove rmy download limit. so technically this is not a secondlife problem. the deal i have with my IP is that once over limit, it technically allows me tp browse internet, however luckily i can still load and play secondlife, but with some limitations. for example, when i click my profile, it wont load, when i click other avi's profile they wont load. i cant load groups properly so cant change my group tags ( this is my main issue). is there a way around the group name tag change? rather than trying to bring up my groups tab, can i at all change my group tag another way? i musr add that since i began using SL again recently, i have been impressed how much better it loads on the slower connections with the actual SL viewer, and i am happy i dont have to use 3rd party browsers anymore. well done londen labs. but any advice on any shortcut, or get-round to change tag?
  14. the adice to go to advance menu, then debug settings, then type in renderunloadedavatar is the correct proceedure. and in fact works instantly. rebakje isnt actually for this at all. though taking things off MAY work if indeed an item has corrupt data. or such. also, once you type renderunloadedavatar in, rtemember to clik on "ture"
  15. AH! just check "true" and instantly you rezz! seemples!
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