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  1. I really couldn't say. What could get a bit confusing for some folk in this situation is that on the one hand cash has been tkern from ones account. And on the other, all the items still appear in your cart. With the usual orange checkout finalizination-button. But why not have , instead of an obvious danger of many folk clicking that checkout buy button again thinking that's a normal part of the process and PING! Not as daft as it sounds. I know people. And am one too as it happens. BAH! But, perhaps, if i may? On ''checkout'' page, why not have what was the normal checkout page '
  2. WOW! Glad you mentioned that with surety, as that's a few guys above now mentioned. So thanks for that Lindal. AND, cor-dammit! I should've clicked to it now you have confirm-a-mentioned it (EH! See that? See what I did there? Eh eh eh? New words every time i post!). Boolean. I've never felt pushed to use them before and give much thought to everyday application. So SL really living up it it's inspirational and educational aspect. Which is a combination of the full timers seen or unseen, and the community members humanness having a wee platform to be actually functioning as humans
  3. Yes,. and the example given above re' 'houseboat' with or without 'deck', is worth getting sorted out, as it is really actually counter-productive for everyone, including passionate creators. But as we are encouraged by the sh*tty system we all live under in RL to be mercenary rather than to adhere to and have integrity towards our real passions, we seem to be buried under imposters (those who impose themselves) so much so for so many generations that those who are true to their passions are made to look like the foolish ones, and each generations imposters/mercenaries become ever more dominat
  4. luckily i discovered after a good bit of searching THIS LINK: https://support.secondlife.com/history/ once there click or tap , in my case, the newest number beginning with a ''#''. This will be very useful for folk who like myself received no email notification with any relevant link to their case/ticket. So if you need to add further info, or reply to any help given, then this link is how you'd get there. I would suggest to Linden's Secondlife team to perhaps have a link directly from our account dashboard to this? It doesn't make much sense not to, i should think. many thanks!
  5. not too sure what you mean by the ''AND/NO'' though, but yes, can hardly have a sense of community, if scams aren't taken seriously by the Lindeners. Mind you nothing really seems to have updated but for means of bringing in cash, since i joined around 2009! Still clunky, laggy, and spend more time with issues and fixing things than relaxing and enjoying... but that's another threads-worth! lol
  6. Despite being a member of SL for around 10yrs or more, it's my first real money purchase . So i want to get this right. I paid for 9 items totaling (inc conversion charge) LD$72 (GBP£3.10). (I had LD$1 there from years ago!) However, when i refreshed my cart page as i was perhaps going to add another transaction/item after the payment had gone through (i see it has come out of my account/pending), all the items are still there in the cart. So unsure what's what here. So how long will the payments be ''pending''? Seems to say something in FAQs about 30mins? But it will be at least that b
  7. I found that if i set the top right filter at top of results to ''relevance'' i got better results actually! (now my issue is i've paid for items, but they are all still in my cart, undelievered, but appear to have LD$ credit of the value i paid... (Taken from my RL account) SO gonna have to open a new question thread. Thanks though!
  8. as the title says. When searching for skins in marketplace, all the skins are demos? Hows to get actual skins and not demo skins? also, i find that when i set filters to not show demos, guess what? Almost everything it shows is demos! How do i stop this, or what am i doing wrong? Or is there a way to get them to become actual items and not demo items? I dunno.
  9. u found noine of the advice had any relation tpo the issue. whether updation or clean instal YOU STILL GET SAME ERROR! how i solved it was this way: originally my avatar/user name was garaouelle Giha, and i got the error when using this user namje. as soon as i made the firt name, garaouelle, with first letter as upper-case to Garaouelle, then it now let's me in. WHY COULDN'T SL HAVE USED A MORE RELEVANT AND INFORMATIVE ERROR MESSGE THAT HAD ANY BEARING UPON THE REALITY OF THE SIT6UATION. i'm getting very tired of SL now as i can run other open worlds on my android phone
  10. I may be interested in adult club dj'ing. However, would I simply be expected to play straight forward rock/pop? Personally I am sick of turning up at clubs in sl and hearing tired cheesey Rock and pop. So, it would be refreshing for me to drop the cheese, and allow it to get strange, sensual, occasionally weird, drift between rhythmic to flowing, and drift between various eras. I also have some modern digital audio production equipment designed for live situations, which I'll be ready to roll with in the next few months as I warm up to the new laptop to plug it into to br
  11. it seems, just like myself, you are getting nowhere with this query. and many of the replies require you to load SL which is dumb, because, i reckon you wont get past the viewer initialising, and get that error notice before it stops loading at all saying your graphics and system requirments are no longer good enough? yes, the advice onthis issue all round is very poor and very shoddy, especially if the folk replying with apparent help dont get it that you CAN NO LONGER LOAD SECONDLIFE AT ALL. yes? well,has anyone a "SOLVE" for this yet?
  12. this isnt always possible for many drivers as the makers websites often do not hgost files, although they will generally have links to those that do.
  13. this answer is rather pointless. firstly the problem bing discussed is that SECONDLIFEW WONT LOAD because there is a graphics driver issue preventing it from doing so. apparently. so how can those instruction be AT ALL followed? secendlyt, the normal way to get system inforemation is simply to: click "start" then RIGHT CLICK on "computer" look to the bottom of the menu that pops up then click "properties. and BING!!!! you have system info
  14. i've been trying to find info in installing SL on ubuntu (using ubuntu 14.02 lts) and am suprized how little info there seems to be in the forums, in fact i cant see a tech forum on here at all./ however i tried the above suggestion with the official linux viewer from SL website and here is what it says when u put the .sh into terminal: <<You are not running as a privileged user, so you will only be able to install the Second Life Viewer in your home directory. If you would like to install the Second Life Viewer system-wide, please run this script as the root user, or with the 'sudo
  15. am googling for decent answer for this issue and cvant find one short of simply rebooting/restarting your pc opr laptop. programs failing to "kill" seems to be a particualry windows 7 and vaista issue. that is, where task manager wont terminate programs. also a suggested programs downloadable from windows microsoft site, claims to help, ( see: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx ) but in the case of a "hung" secondlife3 viewer, nonthing on this device will help. almost all advice anywhere simply amounted to variations on doing what you would try with your windowsd
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