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  1. Would the RLV command sequence "@clear,detachme=force" make unnecessary the call to: llRequestPermissions() and the wait for the run_time_permissions() event?
  2. This is code snippet is where I handle detachments, when needed: listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { llOwnerSay( "Debug: listen() - called: listen(" + (string)channel + ", \"" + name + "\", " + (string)id + ", \"" + message + "\")" ); key kAvatarKey; message = llStringTrim( message, STRING_TRIM ); kAvatarKey = llGetOwner(); if( kAvatarKey == llGetOwnerKey( id ) ) { if( message == "@DetachPrimOnly" ) { llOwnerSay( "Debug: listen() 7: detaching" ); if( llGe
  3. When a prim a script is running in is detached, and the script executes code upon that detachment using attach() event handler, there is a short amount of time the script can still execute code. Is the amount of code that can be executed in that time dependent on sim lag?
  4. It is not possible to do the secure work offline because the security is needed during cryptocurrency trading. I can put my wallet in a flash drive, but I would still have to accesses it during trading. I was asking about any processor including Intel, and AMD, that have secure versions. I today I became aware there are vendors such as System76 that offer their systems with ME turned off. I am also looking at the Zen processor series. Thank you KjartanEno for the Zen processor tip. I was told my CPU is not well matched with my graphics card by KjartanEno in this thread: I was t
  5. This is my current hardware, and OS: I have been told that, for SL at least, my CPU is not well matched with my graphics card in that it is not powerful enough to make full use of it. I am looking at updating my hardware to a CPU that can. But when I looked at more recent CPUs on the market I came across these warnings about back doors that are embedded in the CPU's hardware level: This article is about a way to disable the Intels' Management Engine: https://beinglibertarian.com/disable-intel-backdoor-courtesy-nsa/ It also says it is a risky thing to do. There is
  6. Shortly before this problem began there was a power failure while I had Firestorm open. It is possible there was file corruption then. I opened Firestorm and saved my user settings. I changed the name of my .firestorm directory to one that indicates it is a backup. I deleted my "/opt/firestorm-install/" directory I went to the folder in my Downloads directory where I had expanded my Firestorm Installation files and ran the install.sh script as root. I opened Firestorm where it is in the "/opt/firestorm-install/" directory and restored my user settings. This did no
  7. I will look into changing my desktop to Mate. I would appreciate any links documentation about file system advantages Mate has. If it can be easily done, and with little risk to my files, it is likely I will do it. I do a lot of combat, so I am interested in anything improves my system's performance. But I have been using my current setup for many years without these Firestorm failures. If the problem is the amount of time required to do file management tasks, why would these failures start up only yesterday?
  8. Desktop environment: It is a spinning disk. I do not have any SSD. I do not have any other veiwer installed. I am reluctant to install another one. I hope this can be solved without testing any of the others.
  9. The Cache size slider is set all the way to the right at 9984 MB. When these failures began to happen I emptied both Cache, and Inventory Cache, and still the failures happened. The Cache directory is set to .firestorm_x64/cache/. The largest file in that directory is "data.db2.x.1". Its size is 1048576 KB. I am saving Nearby chat. Everyday it starts a new file. Today's file size, at the time of this posting, is 8.9 KB. The failure has already happened today twice. The only virus protection I have is that which comes with Ubuntu 18.04.
  10. FPS varies between14.6, and 35, FPS. Packet Loss is 0.1%. Ping is 72ms
  11. Beginning yesterday I have had repeated incidents where my avatar becomes immobile in my Firestorm viewer. Also no other avatars on screen move about, yet their walk, or run, animations continue to play in my screen. They run in place. This lasts for several minutes. Sometimes it returns to normal and I can move again. Other times I get logged out with that ping sound. It is just like other times when I have lost my Internet connection while logged in to SL. But this current trouble is not due to loss of my Internet connection. I know this because during such times I can browse the Internet wi
  12. How frequently does SL synchronize an account's Main Grid Inventory with its Beta Grid Inventory? Is there a way to trigger an unscheduled synchronization?
  13. This problem is solved. I changed the name of the .firestorm_x64 directory. I then logged into SL, and saw that the group chat was now being logged. I then logged out and copied the user_settings from the directory I renamed, into the new .firestorm_x64 directory Firestorm created. Firestorm continued to log group chat, and I had all my settings. It had to be a corrupted file in the .firestorm_x64 directory.
  14. Is there a way to control the order in which tattoos are applied in an outfit folder that is not managed by the Appearance Editor, and is outside the Outfits folder?
  15. I have an Ubuntu OS. The Linux version of the Official Second Life Viewer is two years out of date. So I installed the latest MS Windows version of it using CrossOver to run it in Wine. The viewer did seem to run in Wine. Because I normally use Firestorm, and because I did not want my IM logs to end up in the Wine bottle, I decided I should log into my account in the Beta Grid. But the Ctrl + Shift + G did not make the grid options appear in the log in screen. I do not see a way to login to the Beta grid with Official Second Life Viewer. I suspect it is because the Second Life viewer does not
  16. Firestorm does not have a system folder named "My Outfits". I believe the "My Outfits" folder you refer to is the equivalent of Firestorm's "Outfits" folder. When I right click the "Outfits" folder I get the option to "Create a new outfit". The option to create a subfolder is not there as shown in the attached screenshot. The screenshot shows my directory tree structure. I use the > character to show the directory is not itself an outfit, but is one that contains outfits. Directories that do not have the > character as the first character are outfits. The directories shown in the sc
  17. Up to now I have been directly managing the contents of my Outfits folder, and bypassing the Appearance Editor's usage. I have a directory structure of subfolders where my outfits are organized by category, which can be easily navigate to a desired outfit. To my disappointment, and frustration, recent changes in SL, which have been reflected in recent versions of the Firestorm viewer I use, has made this impossible. New directories cannot be made in the Outfits folder anymore. Nor can a directory be dragged into it. This means I must now move this directory structure outside of the outfits fol
  18. It is only group chats that are not logged. Nearby Chat, and IM, are logged normally. Could a corrupt file somewhere cause this?
  19. My question does not regard Ctrl-8 ,9, and 0. These move that slider. My question regards the maximum value that slider can be set to. There are conditions that change that maximum value that I have not been able to identify. Because I do a lot of Gorean combat, I need peripheral vision, so I typically always have it set to its maximum value.
  20. My group chats are no longer being logged in the directory specified at "Avatar => Preferences => Network & Files (side tab) => Directories (top tab)". At: "Avatar => Preferences => Privacy (side tab) => Logs & Transcripts (top tab)" the "Save" selection box has "Log and transcripts" selected. I thought at first it might be a directory write permissions issue. But changing the directory to full R/W permissions for user, group, and everyone, recursively did not make a difference. System Information: CPU: AMD FX(tm)-4350 Quad-Core Processor (1827.76
  21. I read the article. It is about how to use the camera, and control the view. It does not answer the question, which is, what controls the View Angle slider's maximum value?
  22. In the Firestorm Viewer what controls the maximum value of the slider at "Avatar => Preferences => Move & View => View (top tab) => View angle" ? I find that it is usually 1.64, but sometimes it is 2.27. I thought at first it was controlled by the resolution of the monitor the Firestorm window is in while logging in. But now I find this is not necessarily the case, for I have been unable to repeat this effect. I have two viewers connected to my computer. These are: Sony SDM-HS94 1280x1024 LG Electronics 27MP33 1920x1080 My graphics card: Graphics Card Vendor:
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