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  1. So we would request the abandoned land for ourselves, in the form of the 1024, donate it to our family group, then purchase more of the abandoned land there for the family group? See it's the whole trying to get the abandoned land thing, because we found a location we like.
  2. My SL partner and I are looking into acquiring some abandoned land. There's a very large plot that we located and she plans on putting in a request to get a portion of it for us to build a home on. Since I also have a premium account, and can obtain 1024 of land at no additional cost, I was wondering if it is possible to submit a support ticket to have my 1024 added to the land that she obtains? Whether it would be considered its own separate plot, just joined to the rest or would be considered an actual part of the same plot doesn't matter much to me. I just wondered if it's possible?
  3. Ah, turns out LittleMe Jewell managed to find the answer for me. It was that I went to the wrong island. Hadn't realized there were two different islands that look identical, with just one having blue discs on the podiums at the voice bundles. That blue disc one is the Premium center and you just touch the disc, then click the refresh for voice morphing to get the now subscribed ones activated. Thanks, LittleMe Jewell for directing me to the solution.
  4. I've also never received the voice morph. I have a Premium Account, and purchased a voice morph subscription, but still can't seem to get it to activate. It's been over two weeks since I purchased the subscription. So yeah, you are not alone in this.
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