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  1. It appears vinnvixvinn and RowanMinx were right on the money. Tried using "add" and the head stayed. And it's not even too far off the shaping, that'll be some minor work Thank you, that appears to have nailed it!
  2. Oh? Interesting, didn't realise those made a huge difference. I'll retry from the ground up and see what happens
  3. Wait, I might be dumb (might?). Do I need to go and buy an actual head "skin" to apply on top of the catwa head?
  4. Hey all, Starting to get to work customising my avatar, been having some fun trying to teach myself though experimentation/google but I seem to have hit a wall when it comes to hairstyles. Basically, I have the maitreya lara v5.3 body, and a catwa head. These two together on their own are fine - I seem to be able to get clothes and the like going, and I'm slowly figuring out which ones I can/should be looking at :) What I'm having problems with is hair. Literally any catwa hairstyle I demo causes my head to go invisible. What it seems to be doing is turning off the Catwa Head layer.
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