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  1. Except that person seems anti-ripping. If it weren't against TOS I would rip and have mine model uploaded since a ton of people do it. But it very well would be my luck that I'd be the one punished. Though in truth I don't really see the copyright holder sending a message telling me not to use the model, I think that would be the only way LL would get involved, but that's just pure speculation and not worth much salt.
  2. Hate to say it but I never read TOS on anything. I just take it for granted that I know them when clearly I do not. Thanks for saving me any possible trouble!
  3. Before I go ahead with this I wanted to run this by the forums first. Ripping video game models in and of itself is not illegal. I've done it before, it's a simple enough process even with rigging. What I am unsure about is the uploading onto Second Life. I assume as long as I don't plan on making a profit on it (definitely illegal as it's not my property) then it's fine but I would really like someone who is more legally savvy than me to correct me if I'm wrong. I just finished ripping the model and will hand it over to a friend who knows how to import stuff into Second Life, and after that,
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