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  1. Always looking for new friends to hang out with. My bf and I are swingers but would never make you feel uncomfortable. We love to just hang out, dance and chat. Feel free to send me an IM or friend request.
  2. I am a member of a new group called Poly-Amore. We are a group of polyamorous individuals, couples, etc. We are having a party on Friday to kick us off as a group. The owner has done a wonderful job of creating a place to congregate and we are looking forward to many fun nights. Please feel free to message me in world.
  3. i accepted your friend request and look forward to chatting.
  4. I am not polyamorous in rl but my sl bf and I are interested in being swingers or open to various open polyamorous relationships/friendships. Would love to meet other people or help form some kind of circle. Feel free to hit me up and chat.
  5. My boyfriend and I are in search of a place to rent that will allow us to meet and socialize with other swinger couples. Most adult sims that we have visited offer rentals but they are private and we would love neighbors.
  6. Hello All. My bf and I are new to the swingers lifestyle but excited to explore it. Are there any active communities for us to visit. We would also be interested in meeting some other couples who are looking to explore the lifestyle. Do any of these communities offer home rentals?
  7. What is the best head fro a maitreya lara body?
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