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  1. Thank you for your take! I think that’s why blogger searching is very important and checking out who you send your items too! I’m not really one to throw social links under a comment but I have them on my profile for everyone to see. Everyone has different tastes and sometimes how ppl choose to wear your creations won’t match your taste but it matches theirs and their consumer base enjoys it. Style and fashion is personal and so is editing 💖 but I do see your point!
  2. I've taken up fashion blogging for SL for fun and I want to blog more stores that don't already have a huge client base. If your a new designer and design for inithium kupra or legacy comment with where to find your products!! Tbh I blog any style! I'm really into having thematic shoots so i'm kinda into everything!
  3. Hey, I'm interested too!!!! please contact me in world @princxamileena
  4. I've been striggling to find a way to get a SL avatar into MD? How do you do it? Does it matter what avatar you use in MD to make the clothing? Thank you!
  5. I’ve been trying to teach myself how create mesh hair in SL but the struggle is real! At this point, I’m willing to pay for someone to teach me. Does anyone have any links, thoughts or expertise to give to a mesh newbie?! And if your interested in being paid to teach me, slide me a message 😊 Thanks!
  6. Thank you guys! I have a lot of equipment and I'm used to performing. Just need the opportunities! Thank you all so much!
  7. Hi Guys, I'm quite a good singer and I would like to do performances in Second Life, but I have no clue where to look! I have originals and can do some really good covers. Any suggestions? Thank you x
  8. I mean the legacy mesh body! sorry about that and the stores ive been too support the belleza and slink bodies but not legacy
  9. Hi Guys, I'm quite new to second life so I don't really know the best places to shop for the body my avi is currently using. I'm thinking about switching because I can't seem to find shops that cater for this mesh. Any suggestions?
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