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  1. Orwar, I actually do appreciate your advice, you're right! Thank you ! I will get working on the profile. As far as going out there, I have haven't had much luck everywhere I go is pretty dead but I'll keep trying.
  2. having a hard time finding an active furry hangout with ppl to talk and flirt with. help?
  3. just looking for someone to kill time with. if we connect , awesome. It will be mostly SL. my avatar is a bunny so perfer another furry, but not a necessity.
  4. So originally yes I made this post as a sugar baby thing. However After I posted it I realized how dumb and rude that was but couldnt delete it and forgot about it until now.I do appologize for those who i offended. Currently I really only need help with body types and clothes but I got the basics down thank to some helpful friends.
  5. I am new to the game looking for someone to help me out we can discuss terms. ^-^
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