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  1. What you're looking for is a simple way to adjust the elevation of the sun, not the time of day. That feature has disappeared in EEP; setting elevation (and the azimuth) is now very clumsy and difficult to do with any precision, and impossible to know exactly what the values are, a critical need for those of us who have calculated exactly what the values should be.
  2. What you're showing is the dialog box for creating a single environment setting. You need to create a day cycle and import it, or you can create individual settings from the day cycle editors. You will see (among other things) a panel like the one in the picture below, where you can control the time of day your environments will show up. One way to create your first day cycle is to right click on a folder in your inventory (the folded called Settings would be your best place), the select New Settings -> New Day Cycle, change its name to something descriptive, then double click on it.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean about changing the 'time of day' because the time of a preset is set by a slider. I do wish the interface would display azimuth and elevation for both sun and moon in text boxes where you could specify the exact values instead of guessing them by moving dots around in a graphic. As it stands, it's really hard to make sun and moon move along a constant orbital plane from one preset to the next. (An even cooler feature would allow you to set global parameters specifying the inclination and reference direction for the orbital plane that would hold for all the presets
  4. Thanks Steve for your advice but I can find no way to get the sun to light up (regain the glow) when it rises above the horizon, no matter where I drag and no matter how I move it. I believe this is a bug and I'll just have to wait until it's fixed. Luckily it's not very important. Twice a day when for no known reason the glow shifts from the sun to the moon or vice versa, causinga sudden change in the overall lighting, noticed only by me. I think there should be two glow settings, one for the sun and one for the moon. That the moon now captures the glow from time to time is probabl
  5. Can anybody tell me how to get the sun to light up when I want it. I want it to appear at 6am but it won't show up until later no matter what settings I use. https://gyazo.com/780473b2f1cd38936cb090a3a8da1b86 shows my current settings but no matter what changes I make to the location of the sun, glow focus and glow size, it just stays dark.
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