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  1. Hello, Looking to get some gigs in I play EDM Hip hop Throwback hip hop Dance Music LET Me know!
  2. Hello ALL! I am currently taking gigs - currently i play modern rap hip hop throwbacks - dance hip hop and some EDM mixes if you need a DJ i would love to help you out - with a fee of course! IM ME
  3. Thank you all for a wonderful opening night - we are back at it again tonight with DJ Kisa starting at 7:30 SLT! Come check us out tonight and see why Ghost Night Club is SL's new hottest hip hop club! GHOST NC
  4. Hello fellow SL players, Yesterday marked the opening of SL's Ghost Night Club, and we have a fantastic start to our journey. Ghost Night Club averaged 23 live attendees for over 4 hours of partying with two DJ sets. We currently are going to be operating Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights beginning between 7-730 SLT. We are currently a hip hop based club with theme nights in the works - Feel free to reach out in regards to the following: DJs - need a few Host Manager Position Dancers - Not Strip
  5. Hello, I have been very curious in regards to land since joining second life. I see people selling private land for upwards of 2000 USD. Can someone explain to me as to why? Also a break down of how one profits off this?
  6. Hello Everyone, We are having our grand opening of our exclusive hip hop adult themed club. We are going to be doing a giveaway and have live entertainment scheduled starting at 7 SLT. If you are interested please feel free to join our group which I will link below. Look forward to seeing some of you and please feel free to come introduce yourself. We are still looking fr Dancers and DJs. If you are interested shoot me a message. Thank you, Ghost Night Club - link here Ghost Night Club Group - Join for giveaway eligibility
  7. We have multiple 150 prim stores for rent on our lot next to our adult club. Please message in game if interested Head outside and take a look Teleport
  8. Hello I have a few stores open for rent outside of our new club. I am very flexible and would love to have some new tenants come give their dreams a try with a store. Feel free to message me. Photo Here Teleport Here
  9. Hello In dire need of land for rent for a recently built club need 1250 prims max asap adult only please TIA
  10. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Darkest Kiss/109/38/28 feel free to take a look! opinions welcomed good or bad
  11. Hello! We are looking for a dj for our opening Thursday. Must have a modern hip hop playlist prefer voice talk at least for opener message me perfectstormss
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