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  1. This reference not only concerns the background of the cause, but is also an important issue for the future management of our WW2 theme. Our production team researches historical buildings, realistic equipment, vehicles of the time, etc. and strives to keep balance by using censored versions that are sensitive to people. because this is to enjoy the combat games, not to reproduce it to make a movie. However, if someone try to make a SIM with a world view like 'The Man in the High Castle' on the wonderful mechanism that can realize fantasy of SL in the future, between perfection as a creator and critical people Then, what kind of judgment will be made? My friend whose account has been suspended this time is the admin and builder of our combat SIM with 40's theme like me. There is the possibility of creating new topics about the quality of work at SL, the changing historical awareness and sense of values. In addition, she is currently in talks with Linden under her original account (premium). It didn't need a new premium account, but to provide some account information as instructed by Linden. It also was harked back as if WW2 is related due to the timing of the hold, but it could also be due to Tilia-related payment information issues. For reference to everyone who may be in a similar situation.
  2. Managers who suspend players accounts should use it properly. she have used that account over 10 years and owns her land without Violation of TOS. We hope that no one get a false accuse and lost precious account. Thank you for creating this topic in the forum, and thank you to all the participants for replying and sharing the information.
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