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  1. Hello! Thank you very much for your reply! I sent you an example and a script as well as a bunch of songs just in case.
  2. I need to make this script published in following post repeat ( loop ) the song. Reward 500 Ls. Now it plays full song and stops.
  3. Hi! Hope you all doing well! Script question here. This is a full song player script, for multiple songs, it uses sound files from the content. It plays song only once and then stops. And I need it to loop song. I would appreciate any help on how to do that. list songs = ["SONG1", 9.9, "SONG2", 9.8]; integer volume = 10; integer lis_count; integer playing; integer busy; integer part; integer lis; integer sl; float delay; list cancel = ["CANCEL", "STOP"]; list playlist; list waiting; list song; string vol_str = "Volume"; string song_str = "Songs"; string song_name; lis
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