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  1. In reply to the other various negative comments, I did report mine to SL. I am not calling anyone out, just commenting on an experience I personally had, and how I feel about the situation. You should always take everything on the internet with a grain of salt. I personally am honest to a fault, and not prone to exaggeration. It happened. The point of my posts was to suggest how to cope with it and to help folks who are stressed out by it have a better experience. I'm fine, and things like that don't get to me. Helping others is important. Funny story about my house. I saw someone talking
  2. First they sent me a notecard, which I happily replied to. Homes are awesome and conversation is welcome. The issue came when I said I was going to keep the home. They became angry and wouldn't let it go. Then, they'd message again on different days pressuring me to give up the house. The neighbor I had who left said that he got into it with them and that they were both "yelling at him". He was quite upset and considering quitting game. For me, that's too much to deal with. I deal with serious business all day at work, my off time is my space. You should never feel bad about blocking anyone in
  3. Two cents from a RL nurse and SL GoH lover: Life during Covid-19 is tough and many people probably share this feeling of added stress, and also of having SL as an outlet/escape. Unfortunately bullying in video games is a very real thing. If you every feel bullied or intimidated you should report it immediately. When I read this I knew right away who the 'mother and daughter' were because I live near them, and I blocked them. Shortly after getting my home one of them started contacting me, asking if I would give them my home, sending me notes, and then IMs when I didn't respond. The fellow
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