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  1. Have found a commision. Thank you for everyones interest.
  2. Hey everyone! I'm an Admin at newly created prison sim and our sim is currently looking to commission a creator for a new set of uniforms. We are looking to base these new uniforms off the Bob Barker Tri-stitch prison scrubs that are used currently in the US correctional system. https://www.bobbarker.com/products/uniforms/shirts/big-tall-uniform-shirts-striped.html If anyone is interested for this commission, you can reach me, or my partner in-game at JessicaEC or charmander.clarity Or directly to my discord: Not The Rabbit#7900 Our usual in-game times are 2am SLT to 10am SLT. Discord is 24/7. We appreciate your time! Thanks heaps! Jess
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