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  1. I'll answer the question. Youtube can watch videos and hear sounds,
  2. Thank you for your advice. I followed the installation steps as I was told, but it didn't improve. Currently, a white ball is displayed only above you. The white ball disappears for 1 second at intervals of once every few minutes. For now, overwriting Alchemy's old slvoice-related files into Firestorm is the only way I can hear them. I want to hear the voice with a new installation. I suspect it's a voice server issue. We will continue to seek advice.
  3. I opened the tcp and udp ports but it didn't help. Please tell me what else to do.
  4. I often saw https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_voice. I didn't write it there, but I imagine that opening the port might work. However, I did not know the port of the voice server.
  5. Hello. I can't hear the voices of others with the latest Firestorm Viewer, Black Dragon Viewer, Second Life Official Viewer, and Alchemy Viewer. I have not tried other viewers. A white ball appears above my head. You can't get above your opponent. When I copied the contents of "voice folder" (Alchemy to the folder containing SLvoice.exe of Firestorm Viewer, I could hear the voice. What should I do to be able to hear the voice without doing this operation?
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