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  1. I was lucky and got a houseboat. I was given a map location and went there. I landed on the bottom of the ocean. The land did have a houseboat on it but it wasn't the one I bought so I filed a ticket and added a file with the page showing the details. I got one earlier, but I tried to go to the previous page and I lost it. I kept refreshing the land page until another one appeared and it was one of the ones I really liked so it turned out well except I think the TP was the wrong location. Thank you all for you kind responses. Tauriel Littlepaws
  2. When will the next house boats be released?
  3. Houseboats are not offered right now. I went to see them with a friend who knows someone who has one and there are a few vacant but there seems to be no way to get the houseboat. Wonder how one would grab one?
  4. I am a new premium member and to my disappointment there are no houseboats offered. How do I get a houseboat?
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