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  1. Hello! I've been playing SL for years and I've seen some really good "huggers" out there! I'm finally in a place where I can get a decent one or two than the one I've had since I started so, I come to the forums for the first time in hopes of finally getting a HUD, Item, Gesture or whatever you may know that is great for allowing you to give others the best of hugs! I remember a few that would ask me if I wanted to be animated for the hug, I'd really like one of those because if I remember right they were also well animated. I don't mind noise like "aww" and "huggies!" but I'd like to avoid lewd noises if possible. If it comes with additional features, pose balls, or anything like that I won't mind but I definitely want something I can use with anyone and everyone. All recommendations are welcome, if it does have something you think might be notable such as weird sounds or script errors please let me know! If it's good enough I'll still consider it. I may be buying more than one, so give me all ya got!
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