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  1. Thanks for your answer, here is the link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DBS-Beca-Bikini/25868181
  2. Hello, I recently stumbled in the Marketplace across this Mesh Head wich I fell in love with. But I couldnt find it anywhere and I conacted the owner of the shop, but didnt got any response yet so I am trying it here.
  3. I have the issue that my Avatar is not loading properly in the mobile app. My mesh body is so deformed and looks like something straight out of horror movie. I reported the bug via the mobile app but no comment. Did anyone had the same or a similair issue and maybe knows a way to solve this?
  4. Hey, thanks for the quick response It is a cube icon, i will try it this way out and keep you updated if it worked.
  5. I tried to add some tights on my avi and accidently used the wrong layers, and all of a sudden the legs turned black on my eBody Curvy... Ive tried to clear/ reset layers and fix the layers using the HUD but nothing worked... need some help here, i really like this avatar... 😢
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