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  1. We all make choices in life and if some one her life depend on a game like LL then he/she made a bad choice, That some one is able to pay tier tells me that he or shy not need extra lindens or promotions but that he have money enough .. Tier cost around 10K - 70K and more each month and my respect to people who can pay that and creators who create nice things to pay there Tier but this is thanks to the costumers who decided to eat less so that they can buy that sweet dress or that bento avatar Example, Maitreya catwa creators should they get the right to buy Lindens for less .. No i don'
  2. Some creators earn so much Lindens that they can build a life on there lindens and that Thanks to costumers who buy stuff from The creators and From donations, I think awarding these creators and stores who have so much Lindens is ridiculous, If some one earn a award then that are the costumers who become poor from supporting creators Beside that ! SL is not some company to make money out but a amusement platform and buy lindens is own choice
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