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  1. This is a future branding study. for more details visit my blog, thank you. It is in Spanish, but I will translate it soon Se trata de un futuro estudio de branding, para mas informacion visita mi blog, gracias https://arwenblogsl.blogspot.com/2020/05/ofertas-de-trabajo-en-sl-unete-mi-equipo.html
  2. I have only 52 days in second life, I have friends, work, the saved card, a store of my own, and things bought equivalent to about more or less 7,000. At the beginning I did not expect it to reach that much, enter to try and not speak to anyone, but I have realized that the name of my account could compromise my privacy in RL because I put the same name to my user on another website where I did not I would like the people I know in SL to relate to me. On the other website it is already impossible for me to back down and change my name and apparently here too without losing everything. Before i
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