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  1. Good to know @Chic Aeon. This is all a big learning for me. I so appreciate your assistance.
  2. Thank you SO much Anidusa Carolina. As it turns out, the blue grid lines do not matter for my current purposes. I will do as you say, and I think I should have what I need. I picked this particular home because I want a big square space. That's all I really need right now. So I'm good on the limited design. I may come back and reconsider at a future point. One other question, since you seem to be quite knowledgable. I am wondering if it is possible to import SketchUp models into SL. I'm an architect and have a number of models I'd love to play with in SL, but they are quite detailed, so the SketchUp import is what would make this feasible. Thanks again for your help! Exactly what I needed.
  3. Do you know of anyone who would be able to help me with this task Chic Aeon? I am excited to watch your video series, but my immediate need for the rug (to conduct a meeting in which the floor plays a major role) makes me realize that I may need assistance for this particular item from someone more familiar with SL object building than myself. I am not sure how money works in Second Life, but realize that this will entail an associated cost. Anyway, any assistance or suggestions for where to look for help would be greatly appreciated. I've attached below the image that I'm wanting to place on my floor, in as large a "rug" as I can get it at. I've also added an image of the floor surface so you can see what I'm working with. It's important that the image stay unstretched also FYI.
  4. Thanks so much for your help. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow!
  5. I have figured out how to import an image, which I would like to make into a huge rug for my new home, but once imported (under Texture) I don't know how to find it again, and don't know how to make it into the "rug" or surface texture for my living room. Is there anything that could walk me through the steps required? Alternatively is there anyone who can help me with this? I'm guessing it's not very difficult, but I am a novice and need some direction. Thanks so much.
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