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  1. Well, in my case I could actually think it had to do something with my Cache and Cookies of the browser. I usually log on and off of accounts on the fly to buy stuff and that issue has never occurred to me before, without clearing out the cache and cookies. I haven't re-tried buying stuff now, I will wait for the answer from the ticket service. It's quite frustrating, as I actually wanted most of those items so I can work on some textures and build a personal character. Though that case indeed is weird, I seriously believe there is something wrong with the system. Though in my case I never got the purchase email to the email attached to the right account, but got the purchase email to the account the items landed on. Nothing sent as a gift. I just filed a ticket, so I would say you should do the same, so Linden Labs is going to be aware about this issue. It's absolutely weird indeed, I seriously don't understand what is going on there,
  2. Yup, everything is in the MP Purchase History of the Alt Account. I was logged onto my newer account (the Shuifi one) on both Marketplace and the regular website, so I have no clue how that could have happened. During the transactions the Shuifi account was seen as logged in, not my alt. Especially since the Linden got booked from the Shuifi account, but the alt received everything as if the alt has bought it. The alt has 381L$ on it, none of them vanished. I didn't accidentally send the items as gifts, as some of the items were 0L$ items, which you can't send as gift anyway. Guess I'll have to send a ticket in that case. Thank you for answering!
  3. Update: I just logged onto my other account and saw, that all of the purchases somehow got sent onto my other account, including with a full purchase history, even though that account didn't have any Linden on them. I did, however, not buy the items as a gift for that other account. Is there anything I can do to receive the items on the account that is supposed to receive them?
  4. Hi! I bought a bunch of stuff to build my avatar. I didn't see that the items I bought didn't appear in my Inventory, so I bought a second bunch of stuff as well. I also never received an email about the transaction, which you normally should get. Nothing is to see in my orders https://marketplace.secondlife.com/orders But my transaction history shows faithfully that I spent the Linden https://accounts.secondlife.com/transaction_history#/ The Linden are also gone from my account, 6820L$ are lost thanks to this in total. What shall I do? I'd at least love to get my Lindens back, or even better receive the items I have bought.
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