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  1. I am starting up a pack in WW that will be open to wolf AND dog avatars in the wild west sims IM me,Flyoveryourheart for more details. W.I.P
  2. Deer herd in WW looking for more members. Hello! we're a newly formed deer herd looking for new members to join us in WW. We're using the new TWI Deer for adult bucks and does but also accept fawns (NB Bite Sized Baphomet deer). _+ If you'd like more information please feel free to reach out to +_ ± Ϯ Salem Ϯ (flyoveryourheart) ± Jιɴce Sнιroɢαɴe (okaminingen) ± Jıиxx Nαяɔну (mich22242) ± Lavender Honey Wasp (belldandyjade)
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