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  1. This is a better illustration of why it concerns me - these are consistant results when testing my internet speed to California, whereas SL keeps saying I have 1000ms, which clearly does not add up
  2. Thanks! I'll try switching to wired, but I haven't got much hope for improving the overall internet connection - I'm in Canterbury, and the local council still thinks its a good idea for it to be illegal to build taller than three stories. The problem with ping is I don't think its being a reliable measurement at the moment, owing to the random 525 ping test, which I've been unable to replicate since. Another friend has confirmed that they started DCing in the tutorial island I was in, but it was after leaving there that my packet loss jumped from <1% to 7%, and has remained stable at 4% si
  3. Hi, new to SL - my friend is getting back into it so I thought I'd have a go. Problem is, I get disconnected every minute or so. After going through a bunch of threads, I've managed to piece together that my packet loss ranges from 0.5 to 7% depending on region, and my ping sim is usually 1000ms, which is Rather High. I've tried experimenting with bandwidth and graphics settings to fix it, but it only changed when bandwidth was set to 2k, sending ping to 525ms for the first test, but it jumped back up with every subsequent test. Would someone mind helping me figure out what's going wrong here?
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