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  1. No good news to report. Seems the bondholders' money has been taken out of SL, most likely through a chain of alts, and the person responsible has deleted his account. It's had a calamitous effect on SL/LL revenues, and could be a key factor in the Lab's recent decision to sell off Sansar.
  2. Wondering now (not stating for sure) whether a few of the LL layoffs have anything to do with this fiasco. Clearly a lot of questions that still need to be answered. If anyone needs to speak confidentially regarding how this has affected them, please IM me inworld - I intend to write up a report about this (anonymity guaranteed).
  3. Still so many unanswered questions. Like, how did the people managing these bonds get away with sinking the money into an unprofitable skybox business, without approval from the vampire community? Why has one of the fund managers suddenly disappeared from search?
  4. And now the hammer blow to the SL economy is revealed: British Pound Sterling 1 GBP = 417.51 LD Linden Dollar
  5. A lot of angry residents tonight calling for Ebbe's resignation.
  6. Vampire bonds are down -1.0% since the latest announcement. Could this be the end for SL? Haven't seen such a drop since the breedables market collapsed.
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