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  1. baby monitors no, not even microwave oven anywhere near there, cordless phone yes, but its not nearby but around with in a meter or two. But with old router I have tried everything without any of such things around, not even cell phones, just ONT router and my laptop, side by side, it still didn't worked. The ISP technician said the router G240w-F has known issues with wifi and other people also have experienced such issues. Though all the other applications worked fine on it but SL.
  2. Thank you people. Issue resolved but couldn't with same router. ISP had to change that router with different model to make it all work. they changed "G240W-F" with G240W-A".
  3. First of All, Thank you Qie and Molly for following this thread and helpful tips. I have already filed jira with firestorm, I have provided them router configuration page snap shots, my laptop specs and crash logs,as stated by them. Matter is still unassigned, So, lets see. I tried filing report with Linden also, but I couldn't find right options to do so in their drop down menus. For technical problems they only show inventory as further option. But its okay, as problem is not with them anyway, its the router. I tried to read through those logs, they didn
  4. Thank you Qie, I will give it a try ....and yes i do have intel chipset GPU and Nvidia card and running win 10, but for SL I use Nvidia. But Still I will give it a try.
  5. I don't have one spare router to test that. Also that's not really a "practical" solution for me. I am still looking for solution to fix this "brand new" ONT router's wifi. Meanwhile if any of you can add more to solve this issue, then please comment.
  6. I am leaning towards opinion that it might not be firewall issue, else it won't also work with Ethernet wire, it has to do with wireless connection. I am just in other room from router. And even if I try to connect wirelessly and run SL while sitting very close to FTTH router itself, the problem persists. SL logs in just fine, everything loads just fine, I can teleport around just fine. but that only lasts for one minute or less, after that SL screen grays out.....but that does not means that my wireless connection dips or disconnects in that moment. its stable otherwise for all other applicat
  7. For me same ISP have been working fine for years with ADSL connection and on wireless connection with it. This problem only started just now with installation of new FTTH router. As I believe its a new router, much updated version from old ADSL one, So one can expect it would handle SL wirelessly with no problem. But it seems that's not that case :(, unless there is something wrong that I am doing. Still looking for help if any one can, will be really appreciated.
  8. I think its total no of devices that can connect to this network. I have lowered it down to 10 to lower the traffic.
  9. How do I get that log? I checked ISP won't help if problem is just with one application and everything else works fine. yes it does, and its very frustrating.
  10. I am So very much willing to allow any of you experts to my PC through team viewer to fix this issue for me. If any of you think you can do it, Please let me know ....
  11. I believe my PC's firewall is not the problem as SL use to work fine with old router and on new router's firewall settings that's all I see (image attached), I don't see how I can add or remove any applications there? Plus I am not a techy person I don't really understand what that post says that you have refereed.
  12. Additionally I have tried connecting wirelessly while sitting just close to FTTH router, same issue happens, SL disconnects after one minute into login, I have also checked my wifi in NOT set as metered in windows or in Router settings. I have tried changing bandwidth between 20,40 20/40 Mhz in the router wifi settings page, it has no effect and issue persists. Also I have checked it seems fireware of router can't be updated, as these routers are directly sold to ISP and they further install them to customers. SL only works when laptop is connected to router via Ethernet cable, and that's not
  13. I am now using Ethernet cable to connect with FTTH router and now SL is working fine, no disconnection, no crashes, but this can't be permanent solution for me. I do need wireless connectivity. Please advice further how to make it work wireless also. I can attach snapshots of router settings pages if required
  14. Hello, I can't seem to resolve disconnection issue over new FTTH connection, before I had ADSL for years, it use to work fine. But after upgrading to FTTH my viewer disconnects every one minute after login, everything loads fine at login, runs smooth, but viewer disconnects after one minute, screen grays out with message, region maybe facing issues, check your internet connection. I have tried bandwidth help tips page on Firestorm website, its not helping, 1500 is not working, nor 500 or anything less or above that. Also, I have tried all viewers, but same issue. My laptop is wirelessly connec
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