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  1. This parcel has been sold, Thank you xxx-ooo
  2. sims that size go for double that. i paid 35k for mine. the lowest i can go is 25K just because i want to get rid of it.
  3. 1/4 sim, still available! i also have a few 1024's. willing to possibly split the 1/4 up
  4. Thanks a bunch! I'm so glad you are so happy with them xxx-ooo
  5. 1024 comes free of monthly charges from Linden anything after you must pay whats called tier. so 1 property will go free to you as far as being charged monthly by Linden the other you will have to pay Linden Labs monthly for. but since it is only a 1024 as well i do not think it is very much at all.
  6. Thats right 16,384 m2 of mainland!!!!! Great area on the water , has sand prims to build. Make a serious offer and lets strike a deal! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ashendell/190/37/22
  7. im not sure which one you mean but all 3 of mine have a red for sale sign on them. you can right click and choose "return" on it to get yours out of the yard
  8. Awe, so happy to be your first buy! these are a great deal i just have too much land lol!
  9. trying to downsize my lands i have 3 1024's in a row trying to get rid of. Beautiful property all with homes and high end furnishings that you may keep or send back, it's up to you. discounted to only 4k each! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chooqu/248/73/21
  10. What are you looking to pay for a 1/4 , i may sell mine it is 16,384 sqm
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