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  1. Dont know if this will even become a thing, but lets try This little game is easy. 1. Write your favorite name-s (It can be anything from what you have used or what someone else have used that you think is funny) 2. The person below rates the person above 1 out of 10 Mine is Valeria Song and kittymcbunbun Go!
  2. As the title says, is Catwa omega? I checked up on the marketplace for a omega system for catwa, but its only for skins or does it work with blushes and lips and everything else?
  3. Im thinking if BOM needs a installer like the omega does. Like if you need to buy a applier thats for BOM for it to even work and if thats the case, is even Hourglass (Physique, the latest one, not the old one) BOM compatible? Might just write this again if its confusing: I got the Hourglass body. The new one that is more curvy and is called Physique, but is refered as Hourglass in most cases. I dont have the original, smaller body which existed before the more curvy one. Hope this helps ^^
  4. Do you need to get a BoM "Start System" like the omega one sometimes need an install before it works?
  5. 2 questions https://www.flickr.com/photos/pandapanpan/48802051711/ Where is the top from and is Slink hourglass Physique (Hourglass in short?) BoM compatible?
  6. Title says enough I got nails for the slink body, but theyre only rigged to the Slink elegant hands. Any links on where to get the elegant hand sizes?
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