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  1. Well thanks for you´re Thoughts Dean. And i think you´re damn right to say that a wedding also can be cool with just the two of us. Thats right. As it stands there, we´re NOT ONLY looking for people because of our wedding. And yes there will be a DJ and everything, we´ve got a weddingplanner, but thats just by the way... I was Offline for nearly 6 Years, so my buddylist was quite offline. Now i don´t think that theres anything awkward to add people to the buddylist and be friends. it´s quite a long time till the wedding and we can meet each other and hang out sometime, so that in t
  2. Hey there today i want to introduce myself and my work @ Flickr, i´m pretty new to this and i hope you gonna enjoy this. My name is Flitzepeter Swindlehurst im an average guy from munich Germany and I'm 35 years old. One of my greatest hobbies is Photography (in RL). So i just decided to transfer my hobby to Second Life and start a new Flickr account. I was off for like 6 years now and i restarted playeing for 4 weeks now. On my Account you will not find much Pictures yet but im working on it daily. So maybe you will take a look at my Flickr at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/1
  3. Servus, mein Name ist Flitzepeter Swindlehurst oder kurz Flissä ... ich suche nach neuen Freunden und Bekannten in SL. Meine Hobbies sind Autofahren, skaten, Pferde reiten, surfen und die Welt erkunden und einfach Spaß haben. Ich treffen unheimlich gerne neue Menschen mit denen man sich gut unterhalten kann und lachen kann. Ich bin jetzt 35 Jahre alt in RL und mein Av ist knappe 13 Jahre alt. Ich hab schon einiges in SL erlebt, gemacht und gesehen aber ich bin nach wie vor mit ganzem Herzen dabei. Wenn du also Bock hast bissl mit mir abzuhängen und Spaß zu haben, bei was auch imm
  4. Hello there! I´m at SL for many years now and i am on my way to marry soon. For this Marriage i´m looking for Groomsmen and Bridemates for me and my little divine Lady. So unfortunatly i've got not that many friends on my active buddylist anymore. 😞 Heres something about us, so i´m Flitzepeter Swindlehurst and i´m 35 years old, straight, male from munich Germany and Photographer. And she is Lorem Ipsum 30, female from Sao Paulo Brazil and she´s a Musician. So i try to find excactly you for joining us at this very special Date. The Marriage would be on Saturday, January 25th 202
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