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  1. Click on the mailbox to pick one of the four VIctorian homes styles.
  2. Where did you see this? I was looking for something on the blog and I don't see it.
  3. Home sweet Victorian home in Bishopshead above the railway line (right next to a lovely bridge, with a porch view of the river and another bridge!). I love it!!! It was worth all the refreshing and clicking to get it.
  4. " We're Sorry... An unknown error occurred. Please try your Linden Home selection again. Secondlife.com | My Account AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!
  5. Is that all they are going to do? ONE?!?? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!
  6. A picture of Patch Linden and a couple of Moles facing the mob 😉 ...at sim SSPE371 (Patch is the one with the tail at middle bottom.)
  7. I decided to join the party. I figure if anybody knows what's going down, it will be THESE people... 😉
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