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  1. Second Life still has much more potential than sansar ever will because it is further developed. A price hike is the OPPOSITE of what they should be doing. I have been saying for years the ONLY thing LL needs to do in order to revitalize Second Life is reduce land prices at the root and a bit the cost of Linden$. Allowing the development of sims again. I myself am a builder of Roleplay sims and a bit of a content creator (though I don't release enough because I am never satisfied with my work lol) What I see continuously from people I know in world is they just can't afford to have the home they want, they can't really exist anywhere affordably for a hobby or game... and for us sim owners the cost of a sim is like that of a real life apartment, with very little likelihood we will get any return from that unless we are simply content creators selling things massively (which there aren't enough players to buy unless you are a long time established vendor) Roleplay much like the world of the sims is the CORE of Second Life, it is why we dress up, buy furniture, build homes, create characters. The expense at the beginning of the line, the land.. and the cost of L$ puts a huge damper on this. MOST "players" of second life are not content creators. In this case it is a better marketing choice on LL's part to sell quantity.. rather than selling to a few for higher profit margins. FINALLY there are more and more people capable of running this virtual world smoothly with better PC and Network technology... and now LL is giving people the shaft.
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