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  1. Indeed, the gacha is as you say. I've asked the owners of the store if they have info but never got a response. So unless new hints or clues arise, VCO Yoko Hime is the way to go.
  2. The closest so far is the VCO Yoko Hime 003 gacha hair, suggested by miaminightmare. (Thank you for that!) I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually that hair, photoshopped a bit. But for those looking, that's as close as I managed to get. The gacha is pretty old as far as I gather and I can't really find it running anywhere, aside from resells on the marketplace.
  3. Thank you very much! Believe me, I've been searching a great big list of stores in SL, one by one, both on the marketplace and in-world for that style. It's now my white whale If I get any hint on what it may be, I will post it.
  4. Thank you for your hints, but sadly this isn't it. I've checked bonbon from end to end and couldn't find it. The prominent bangs are the key feature and I've not seen any hairs that have those high cheek bangs. I do appreciate suggestions and store ideas, though. Any leads are more than welcome.
  5. Been searching dozens of hair stores and styles throughout SL but with no success. Saw this hairstyle in a gacha image: Notes: - The hair itself is not part of the gacha. It is simply worn by the model in the photo to illustrate the other items (clothing) in that gacha. - Contacted the makers of the gacha, but they haven't responded. - it's not Ayashi, at least not to my knowledge. Any help would be sincerely appreciated!
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