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  1. I wasn't the person that started these other threads although there are some similarities. Mine is now being dealt with by LL via a ticket. They seem very helpful and I'd recommend anyone with a similar issue to try that as a first step.
  2. Thanks Wulfie. I've sent them a ticket.
  3. Thank you...I understand they don't take lindens...hence the winking emoji. The payment details were going to be out of date anyway so the result would have been the same without me updating them. I was just too slow in doing the downgrade due to real life commitments. Was only asking if they're likely to suspend the account for being a few hours over or would they insist on the next full year payment.
  4. Thanks. They only allow phoning them for this issue and as I'm in the UK and they're in the US I was just hoping to avoid doing so or an easier solution. Do they accept Lindens....😉.
  5. Sionnach666

    Overrun downgrade

    I decided a long while back to downgrade from premium to basic and I removed my card details (that had gone out of date anyway). A busy time for me meant I then overran my billing date by less than one day before I downgraded. My account now has a 'There's a problem with your account' message asking me to put my details back so I can pay the due amount...which covers the next year up to September 2020. Am I likely to have my account removed for what was just a few hours of still being on a premium account? I don't really want to pay a full year but I understand it was my own fault.
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