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  1. Sigh...I give up. I am not able to get across what I am trying to say, apparently. Farewell, my lovelies. Maybe one of you will become my neighbor.
  2. I would ju I mostly refresh during releases, although I have refreshed on off times and have been lucky to acquire a home twice. However, when arriving, I could hardly move from the lag and/or a neighbor had a helicopter in their yard (which is unrealistic to me) or another home appeared to have activist stickers or posters on the exterior (also unrealistic to me), so I prefer to start fresh. Yes, I could run into these things in a new region, but I will just deal with them if they arise.
  3. What I am trying to say is that there is a wave of the same people hopping forward almost immediately, and by immediately, I mean after just acquiring a home in a previous very recent release. For instance, I saw some that received homes in Limevale and surrounding that were already stalking Kahuna, Axim, etc, and have moved into a home there, either with an alt or themselves after abandoning. I am just saying that if they stayed put for a bit, out of consideration, then us newcomers might have the chance to get at a new release. Their staying put might open up more "slots," so to speak, f
  4. THANK YOU! Well said and much better than I could have. I stalked this thread for a bit before signing in due to laziness, but I have read and admired your intelligent and humorous input. ❤️
  5. This is exactly what my gripe is about and what a hold policy could help if put in place. I have not received a brand new home yet, and I am not interested in an abandoned like you are not interested. I am wishing that you wave of hoppers would apply the brakes for a while so those without homes can get into a fresh, new, sparkly region. Honestly, if I were a hopper, and I do not plan on being one, I would read this concern from a "homeless" and think, "Oh, gosh, sorry. I didn't realize I was causing this." I know I am correct to speak up, but I am now done speaking on this topic because I d
  6. Correct, that would be me when I think I see an element of unfairness in the wave of mains and alts hopping from recently released homes a week before to a newer spot. Yes, they paid the premium for this right, but I was hoping to make the hoppers realize that they aren't the only ones looking for a nice home . You acquired one already. Might you stay a bit and it enjoy it?
  7. Like I said earlier in the thread, I am extremely observant and I see what goes on. I saw a 5-day old alt arrive at their new home a few releases ago, and then that same alt was hovering over Axim on Friday. Then lo and behold, that alt's owner acquired a home on another of their accounts. Yes, I believe the abandon was done at release time on purpose. Yes, it could backfire on them, but this time it did not. Isn't the reason you don't abandon, during or around releases, to be considerate?
  8. I have noticed that about you, your consideration, and I appreciate it very much. It's amazing to me the things that people think up to try to get a home. Do we need a Bellisseria intervention group now? Ha. Thank you for the good wishes!
  9. P.S I think Picards Wharf could be next. Yeah, yeah. Look over there, hoppers!
  10. Shhh. This is not helpful. You are just instigating the home hoppers. This is MY home! LOL. It's the first time I have actually looked around at the homes and spotted one I like. I usually avoid that so I won't be disappointed if I get something else, but I haven't even gotten something else yet. One day...
  11. I am one of the "absolutely fooled," and I appreciate your consideration in this situation. ❤️
  12. Just like the 5-abandon limit, I think it would be nice if LL could institute a 5-day (okay, maybe 3) wait before you can abandon a home in a new region, if that were at all possible. I was going to say a wait for all abandons, but then if you pick up an abandon in an old neighborhood, you would have to sit and wait with something you didn't like. I dunno. It's nice of you to admit you are a house hopper, and I have picked you out as one of my favorites on this thread, but there are some dirty players and I fell prey to their dirty little trick of abandoning precisely at release time. That r
  13. I saw Patch this morning on Axim and then Derrick came in for the release. Are you saying they could come back later on and release another? I thought when they released more than one that it was within the same time frame, not scattered throughout the day.
  14. I think you are safe from interfering with any releases until Monday. Congrats on your Axim home! Although not your dream home, it has a nice mix of both worlds, sand and grass and that tease of the sea in the distance which is nice. Enjoy the breeze!
  15. I can't EVEN! Someone abandoned a home RIGHT at the time of Axim's release, and I think I know who it is because their alt was there watching for the restart. I am extremely observant, so I know who a couple alts belong to. Yes, I finally got a home, but I had my eye on the new regions. Any section would be fine. I am not interested in moving into an old neighborhood, so I abandoned the one I received. I am noticing the same wave of people moving forward when they just acquired a home maybe one, two, four regions ago. PLEASE put on the brakes and gives us newcomers a chance for the new stuf
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