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  1. I don’t voice either or cam. I would rather not see pics as most appear fake to me anyway. How many people appear as models
  2. I don't mind that ur a guy playing a girl as long as you are truthful about it. As we can be friends only. I don’t like the ones that lie about being a girl. I will never meet the girl i am in a relationship with in sl but knowing knowing she is a girl who may have went through the similar things I have or understands about being a lesbian is important.
  3. No no.. a very masculine lesbian.. wears men’s clothes and such.
  4. I know people will hide groups for privacy and such but does that also apply when all groups are hidden??
  5. According to McCormick it is
  6. Not sure where to post but if someone makes a complaint about me for example. Can we see those? Always curious about those
  7. Never been to tramps, i know there is no voice verification with limelight
  8. What are you roleplaying?? A boys college where adult subjects may be talked about or some place to seduce your students??
  9. Zue afterlife is a dance club that is for lesbians, bi girls, and m2f. There is Venustus. It is a bdsm club but for women only. There is Bare Sun Beach, but has a tendency to get a lot of trannies.
  10. Why do people cause drama in SL? Do they get their kicks on it??
  11. Venutus is a bdsm club for women only. Its not usually crowded
  12. I met a neighbor at my ex-gf’s house and we became friends. One day I logged on and my gf was busy shopping so my friend was showing me clothes at her house, even an aero wang to replace her strap on and offered to buy me one which I turned down. I IM’d my partner and she wasn't responding. Pulled up the map and found her with about 10 others. After taking a quick look I found my gf in a male shape having group sex with some guys. I dumped my gf and then let my friend buy me the aero and boned her something awful that night
  13. The girl that I meet in SL maybe someone i will probably never meet but its nice to know its a girl not a guy pretending or a girl trapped in a guys body. Someone who I connect with, talk with or perhaps knows what I have been thru.
  14. i would rather the girl i was with keep up the lie about her RL and me not know anything than finding out later and the fantasy be ruined. Then the whole relationship would be based on lies
  15. if i found out my sl gf or partner was a guy then it would be over. I am not talking about someones life story or place in life but a bit of honesty is nice.
  16. squatted in furnished houses with security left open a few times.
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