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  1. Thank you. I`m sorry , seems actually I have no issue at all , as I`ve found the payment had succeeded, and I had just mistaken that it was missed.
  2. I had no money on my card for several days when it was trying to bill. Now I`ve had added some but it is stopped billing it and I cant find how to make it renewed
  3. *Машет лапкой* В последнее время довольно много народу вижу из России
  4. I have another related question. Can I make it bill me again somehow ? i missed it on the renewal date several times and want to restart it. Do i have to set up that Tillia account ?
  5. Happy to know they made at least the half! PS There are funny things Ive found out recently at the Hangars (reads Olimpiysky Pool in russian)
  6. Oh that`s such a pity. But i can understand why. Thank you, Lawrence ... At least i hope they know the way to save this mesh to restore this easily if the rent is collected too late. PS Where the donation box btw?
  7. Well Im apologise i haven`t thoroughly followed all the thread. As far as i remember (maybe wrong) most mesh content in the sim was made by one designer. If them are generous enough in sharing their art, can the place make a new appearance on OpenSIm worlds, such as the OSGrid? Sorry if that idea was already discussed/
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