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  1. suuuuper beginner question, i know, but how do i tint tattoos for mesh bodies? specifically a body hair tattoo applier for kuroo, i get as far as getting the tattoo onto the body in white, but im stumped as to how to tint it, so id really appreciate a little bit of help, thank you! 💕 im not usually this inept at sl i swear!!!
  2. This is going to be entirely for personal use so that won't be an issue, I'm aware I won't be able to sell it. The model I want in particular isn't a model of Miku either, just a model of a character from an anime that was originally made for MMD. I appreciate the heads up though!
  3. Hi! I'm looking for someone who can make a simple rig of a MikuMikuDance model for Second Life so I can use it as an avatar, I'm willing to negotiate and pay whatever price is suitable for you. Just send me a message or leave a reply here and I'll get right back to you, thank you! ❤️
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