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  1. Always when i go for things like this, i change the light to CalWL. Both screenshots were taken in CalWL light.
  2. Nope, in fact. those breaks, I have it all times. In other stores, clubs, at friends houses..everywhere...but not in that legacy shop.
  3. Just to show you guys what i don't get. Same light, same angle. But only the right screenshot is taken in the store and the left picture NOT in the store. So why o why is this distortion only happening out the store? In the store it looks clean and flawless.
  4. As far i can read and see, no1 actually pointed out the real problem with this body. The shop light they use is covering a lot of the problems actually, and it doens't matter in what light you turn in to, you WON'T see the problems. To see the real details here, just go home and try the demo there. I have bought this body with a lot of excitment and was blinded by the light they offered. I will post a picture here with that problem. After hours of discusions with others online, and reading it all through, i even tried to fix it. As you can see, the alpha lines are not connecting after a close look. This is mostly around the chest area and the upper back. Now if I use the deformers, i get a extra open line that doesn't connect. So my gues, something goes wrong here with the deformers. So i decided to actually buy Legacy clothing. They fit fine. The extra line that came along with the deformers, went away as soon i detached them. Great you would say.... But that doesn't change the fact that the lines around the chest are still visible. They look like a sparkle when zooming in and out on it. There for, i came to a conclusion that this body ain't worth 5000L. Not even close to 2000L. Alpha lines are simply not connecting here. And im not sure if this will ever be fixed. Unless they remove the deformers completly and let this body run on normal legacy clothing.
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