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  1. I'm terribly afraid this is not going to sound fact based at all, or add much after all that has already been said, and probably it's just a bunch of emotional platitudes. I hope it helps a bit though. Hangars has been my home in SL for around nine months, before then I had often come to visit and spend hours letting its atmosphere soak in. Djehan's wondrous work would make me feel transported to these places that authors like Gibson, K Dick and others had envisioned, an always too near dystopian world both beautiful and scary, fascinating and terrifying. The city's grey concrete buildings would help me reflect on what means to be human, would fill me with emotions of despair and hope, loneliness and belonging, peace and chaos, help me find myself every time. A window to twelve years in the life of an artist that I believe makes SL a more meaningful, beautiful and essential place, worth being preserved for others to come and experience. Thank you, Djehan, Lawrence and everyone in the HL team for this unique, extraordinary opportunity.
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