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  1. Yes, they are people too, not saying all sim owners are like that. Like I said, it depends on the owner. I've found RP sim owners who are great people. There are a lot of different ones around, I was just agreeing with what you said and putting my own experiences down. RPing in SL seems to be fundamentally different from anything I've encountered before. No matter where you go, you will find people who are just interested in their own experience and to hell with everyone else.
  2. Some are, I agree, but it depends the owners. OP has a point when she talks about owners having a 'My way or the highway' mentality. I've come across sims where they ignore RPers when they try to get involved with an RP, or have their RP voided by higher ups because they didn't "fit " into whatever story the owners or mods had. I've even come across RP sims where there is a visible hierarchy. Jobs given to friends and family of the sim owner, or a mod, and no visible way for RPers to climb any progression ladder. This is also another brilliant point, I've seen sims where people do jus
  3. Yeah, sounds like you're evolving. At least you giving him the time of day. There are individuals out there that would never do that, going as far as to putting "disclaimers" in their profiles. See above for an example.
  4. True, there are different types of vanity, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. However, I've noticed, along with my encounters, there were a few people who had warnings in their profiles - i.e. if you aren't mesh don't talk to me.
  5. I never understand why people pick on little things that had nothing to do with them or worry about things that no one else can see. Have you ever come across others that obsessed about their avatars or the avatar of others?
  6. Do you get any comments about your mesh body from others?
  7. I thought some of the comments I was getting were hilarious, I got caught off guard with the person buying me a mesh body. The sim owner was actually ...up until that point...a friend of mine or at least I thought so.
  8. I guess you wouldn't. I thought it was very funny when it started getting ridiculous. I'd go AFK for a while and come back to messages along those. I had no idea about mesh bodies and that's the reason I never got one, I thought it was super complicated. It seemed the saying 'I don't want one' wasn't a sufficient answer to some. The comment I made was meant to be a joke/in the hopes that the person would just leave me be (no one wants to spent their lindens on other people) but NOPE. Note: I do have a mesh body, I bought one when I noticed my favourite stores - i.e. ricielli - started h
  9. Here is why I decided to update the article to write about vanity, I'm not sure if anyone else has had this kind of interaction with others, but I came back at the height of mesh and it was very ...interesting to me. When I started SL again I decided to get a mesh head, but not a mesh body. I got a lot of messages saying, "I like your head, but you need a mesh body." or "Nice mesh head, I can show you a mesh body. *Enter Mesh body here* is a great one!" Soon after it went from that to: "Nice head, but you need a mesh, don't you want to be hot?" or "You need a mesh body with that head,
  10. Do you have a mesh avatar? If yes, what made you decide to get it?
  11. Of course not, there a ton of blogs that surround the topic. However, with mesh it seems a little different. Have you ever had someone message you and comment on your avatar in a way that wasn't complimentary?
  12. Hey everyone, I've tasked with writing an update to our is SL real article, and found this thread interesting. I've been in SL (on a different avi) for almost 10 years and I've noticed the different trends that have come and gone throughout the years. Vanity (particularly when it comes to Mesh AVIs) seems to be the new thing this time around. Does any one mind answering a few questions on the subject for my #Throwback update Second Life article? Just reply this thread and I'll start posting questions. Thanks. Sen.
  13. Hi, people of Second Life, I'm looking for some second life content for the Second Life part of my site (www.thetorchentertainmentguide.com). I would love for you to answer the question "What is your crazy Second Life relationship story?" Here are the rules: 1) No drama in the forum thread below 2) No SL Usernames AKA no naming and shaming 3) I do want to publish the best stories onto my site and you will be credited for it. Nothing will be changed other than, of course, grammatical, spelling errors and any names put forward by you to protect the person or persons
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