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  1. It doesn't cost a dime to report suspected antitrust violations , all you do is go to the Federal Trade Commission's website , https://www.ftc.gov/faq/competition/report-antitrust-violation
  2. Here is a 10 year old article about Linden Labs acquisition of OnRez and Xstreet . Linden Labs Market Place has no competitors there by cornering the sl online marketing experience . It smells like monopoly to me ..... link >>> https://kotaku.com/linden-lab-buys-second-life-virtual-marketplaces-onrez-5136087
  3. If this is the case what we have is a prime example of a Monopoly and no not the game . These unfair price hikes and money grabs as outlined in our Antitrust Laws are known as predatory acts . Simply put Linden Lab would be in violation of our antitrust laws . It doesn't take an attorney to google monopoly or antitrust laws and based on what you will read will point a finger at Linden Lab . It's all there in black and white , read it for yourself , and lets hear what you think about this .
  4. I'm not sure what happened to Primbay but they would be just what we need right about now , when you do a web search for them the most current date referencing anything to them is 2017 , they still have a facebook page and they have a website that doesn't appear to be working ? .
  5. Any of you merchants or residents remember Xstreet and OnRez ? , those were the models for the modern day Sl Market Place and in the days prior to Linden Lab buying them out that's where us merchants and residents did our shopping , those two sites were opened up by private residents and they didn't fleece us with these over inflated fees and were very reasonable , I think it's high time to reach out to talented web designers to recreate an alternate avenue for us merchants and residents to sell and buy sl items and create some good old fashioned competition and show Linden Lab that we the peo
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