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  1. Mostly American debit cards. Debit cards aren't the same all across the globe.
  2. I understand where these changes are coming from but I couldn't go premium even if i wanted to. As far as I know, you either have to have a credit card, or a credit card backed paypal account to pay for premium and land. I don't have a credit card, and I don't really want one. So I would like to see you guys address payment options before you put anything else basic accounts can already do behind a Premium paywall - I have read every reply in this thread (Yes, I'm bored, and a little more than a little concerned) I've seen people suggest LL should put cashing out/owning an MP store/what have you merchant stuff behind the premium paywall and that's an awful idea. Sure it's great for security, but it does go against what SL has been from the very beginning (anyone can create and sell) but MAINLY: Credit Cards aren't as popular outside of the US as they are in the US, where you basically can't live without one. You would basically be banning huge swathes of non Americans from participating as creators if they can't pay for a premium account, whether they can't afford it, or can't pay for it because they dont have a credit card. If I'm mistaken about the credit card/ credit card backed paypal thing, then disregard.
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